Did Billboard Call Miley Cyrus an “Ally” Because they don’t Know What the B Stands for?

During Pride Month, Miley Cyrus put together a free concert event to celebrate and raise awareness to what the LGBT community faces today. Billboard decided to cover this event, and in their headline, completely erased Cyrus’ sexuality. Yikes.

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Billboard’s article is titled Miley Cyrus is a Queer Superhero: 8 Times She Showed Love to the LGBT Community. You may be thinking, well, that’s not inherently biphobic though Cyrus has never explicitly stated she identifies with “queer.” However, it’s actually the tweet that Billboard put out promoting the article itself, that started a frenzy on Twitter.

“Besides her most recent Pride event, #MileyCyrus has repeatedly shown us that she is an LGBTQ ally,” Billboard’s tweet said.

Excuse me, what? *checks notes* You are referring to the same Miley Cyrus that has openly said she is part of the LGBT community, specifically bi/pan sexual… who has openly flirted with women to a global degree, and has publicly had girlfriends? That Miley Cyrus?! It is not only exhausting, but shocking that a media publication as large and well known as Billboard could show this much bisexual erasure in one Tweet.

You don’t have to take our word for it; Cyrus’ Twitter Stans came to her defense in a fit of rage.

“She’s not just an ally. She is PART of the community,” @MILEYDIOR said on Twitter.

“Isn’t this bisexual/pansexual erasure? Yes, I think it is,” Twitter user @plusequalsuk said.

“Two cents of wisdom for you Billboard,” Twitter user @realochannah said. “You are hurting the community if you exclude a member of the community and call her an ally.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Despite fans coming forward in defense of Cyrus, she has yet to publicly say anything about it. Probably because she is off living her best life and doesn’t let things like this impact her. However, it could be said that she isn’t doing enough, and should be speaking out about this injustice. Especially because BILLBOARD HAS NOT TAKEN DOWN THIS TWEET. The blatant bierasure is still on Twitter for all to see, and no one has even batted an eyelash over at the Billboard HQ.

By not doing their research, Billboard has completely erased Cyrus’ sexuality from a Tweet about Pride itself. Cyrus has gone above and beyond to lift up and support the LGBT community – her community. If you know anything about Cyrus at all, you know how vocal about her sexuality she is. This is a big L for the social media manager over at Billboard… or is it?

The fact that the tweet is still up says it all. Bi-erasure is alive and well, thriving even. Billboard gets more engagement when people are outraged, more clicks, more likes and retweets. Thus, it actually serves them to leave up this extremely biphobic tweet. The only way they’ll take it down is if Cyrus comes forward, it looks like. How is it possible to be so blatantly biphobic while talking about LGBT (yes, the B included) pride? Big yikes.

Despite all of this biphobic energy, Cyrus’ pride special is actually quite wonderful. If you haven’t watched it already, check it out on Peacock. Now streaming.

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