Lisa Cordileone and Wendy Jo Carlton tease the second season of “Easy Abby”

As writer/director Wendy Jo Carlton and lead actress/producer Lisa Cordileone head into Season Two of their very popular web series Easy Abby, we sit down with the pair to discuss their first season’s success and what to expect from upcoming episodes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Easy Abby was originally born of a coffee date turned dinner date in which past relationships were discussed. Wendy Jo (Hannah Free) and Lisa brainstormed what was to become a funny, honest and original look at life in the dating world of a 30-something lesbian.


Over the course of the first season Abby hooks up with an array of women, awkwardly bumps into ex-lovers and hooks up again, until her eyes fall upon Danielle. The arc of the season very much builds towards what happens to a character like Abby when a woman who stirs up real emotion comes along. Does this storyline continue in the second season? “You have to watch to find out…” says Wendy Jo. “What I can say is that we will learn more about Abby’s mom.”

In Season One, in a moving episode, Abby and her good friend Eileen, played with heart by Laura Chernicky, discuss Abby’s mother’s bipolar disorder and briefly how it affects Abby. “In Season 2 you will meet Abby’s mom, and her nurse,” shares Lisa, with that cheeky twinkle in her eye we’ve all come to know. Wendy Jo adds, “We’re not trying to look at bipolar disorder like Homeland, but we talk about it.”

Wendy Jo points out that while it will be more of the first season, the tone is moving to a dark one, while remaining comedic. New characters are joining the cast and old faces are coming back. And a couple of potential three-ways will come and juice this season up.

Over the summer Easy Abby gained exposure around the LGBT film festival circuits, premiering at Frameline37. Wendy Jo and Lisa chose to re-edit the show and turn it into a feature to take to the fans around the country and abroad. In order to present the show as a feature film, Carlton added interludes of women walking towards camera, cheeky smiles on their face, all explained by Abby’s need for counting women rather than sheep before falling asleep.

With around 11 million views of Season 1, Easy Abby is in for a strong second season. In the meantime if you are in the Pacific Northwest, catch the cast and crew at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in October, and Olympia in November. For German fans, Easy Abby will be screening at the Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

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