“Venice: The Series” recap (4.9): Marry Me a Little

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they just want to be left the hell alone. Michael Jackson sang about it. Greta Garbo declared it, in a sexy, guttural tone. Now it’s Gina’s turn. She’s been locked out of heaven and now she’s stuck with an ex girlfriend and a daughter she never knew, gaping at her in a hospital nightgown.  Everyone else is thrilled. She might be surly, but she’s alive.


A chipper Ani calls Lara to tell her that Gina is alive and awake. Lara goes into panic mode, wondering if Gina will be able to identify her as the driver. So far, she’s just being delightfully bitchy and yelling at everyone, so Lara stays in the clear for now. Ani gushes that Lara is the best fiancé in the world because she is so cool with all the time Ani spends talking about Gina, sitting at her bedside, peeking through her windows, falling onto her lips, that sort of stuff. Lara comes back with what for a moment, feels like a breakup. However it’s just a psych out because Lara wants to get married right now. Ani is confused and distracted, and by the time Lara tells her that life is short, Ani is hanging up to talk to Gina’s doctor  Lara. Loses. Her. Shit. (Nadia Bjorlin kills it in this scene.) Afraid of rejection, terrified of her own loneliness, Lara turns to the one thing that never fails to comfort her. She digs through the trash to find a bottle of vodka and takes a big slug.


At the hospital, Gina is responsive and being an overall pain in the nurses ass. She wants to bounce, like yesterday.

Ani comes home and Lara has cleaned herself up and started making plans. Big plans. She announces to Ani that they are getting married that Sunday. Ani is once again confused and non-committal. When Ani brings up Gina, Lara is quick to shut it down. “This is not about Gina. It’s about you and me.” And in a way, she’s right. Ani flashes back to her conversation on the beach with Gina. The one where Gina gives Ani her blessing and wishes her a great life. Ani is torn, and the best thing to do in that situation, is to quickly marry someone else.  So she agrees to marry Lara that Sunday.


Gina is packing her bag when Richard slips into her hospital room. He doesn’t get why she’s so upset, especially when the two people causing her such drama were just standing over her bedside, their doe eyes ablaze. Gina wants a little space, so she tells Richard about seeing Owen. That shuts him up real quick and Gina is pleased with herself. When she finally gets home, she curls up and lets it all out. Owen shows up, but this time she can’t see or hear him. He laments his decision to push her back to earth. He tells her to make the most of this second chance, or he’ll have to find a way to ghost-slap her.


At Malbec, which is like the Peach Pit for terrible people, Jake is drinking and leering. Lara announces that she plans to marry Ani in a few days, and for a second Jake’s face falls. He quickly replaces it with his trademark smirk however. He suggests they have some drinks, and Lara tells him just one. He gets so close to her I tremble with rage. Keep your swizzle stick out of Lara’s Shirley Temple, dude.  Logan eavesdrops from afar.


Van and Guya have a sweet moment as Van walks her to her car. The sweetness is short lived though because Det. Brandon comes a calling. He questions Van about his relationship with Owen. Van tells him that he and Owen were never close, and in fact he’d only ever been to Owen’s apartment once. It was to help Sammie, and of course get his fingerprints all over the scene, which makes him so wonderfully frameable. Sammie, does your evil know no bounds? Van flashes back to the night of Owen’s murder, when he came across his cousin’s dead body. Van looked genuinely upset but ran off when The Colonel started knocking.


Since Logan didn’t get the “Fuck off, all of you” memo that Gina sent out, she shows up with a bottle of wine. When Gina asks her to leave she conveys her concern. Gina isn’t in the mood for Logan’s antics though and grumbles like an angry honey badger. Logan decides to drop a bomb. Lara and Ani are getting married in mere days. Logan, didn’t anyone ever tell you what happens to the messenger? Gina looks gobsmacked.

Cue the montage! Ani and Lara decide to celebrate their upcoming nuptials by making sweet lady love. For a moment, they look happy.


Guya flips through pictures of Van and Brandon comes to sweetly comfort her. Richard, Sarah and The Colonel are all smiles and actually starting to become a little family. Gina sits alone in bed, her eyes red from crying. After Ani and Lara make love, Ani puts distance between the two of them as Lara reaches out to her. What will become of our dear Venetians?


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