Cameron Esposito, Janine Brito and other All Jane, No Dick All-Stars

Janine Brito

Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell (FX Show) - 2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

Janine Brito has been called quite a few names, best comedian with a message, one of the most daring in SF comedy and mean lesbian and cites her greatest comedic moment as touching bellies with Tracy Morgan. The only thing that could further your understanding of her comedy is knowing that she was born that way. Brito said, “As a kid, my Dad was a really funny guy and I remember wanting to be exactly 100% like him in every way (minus having a beard. Though as I get older that’s becoming more and more my reality. Damn you, genes.)” She also throws in that her comedy can easily be described as, “pussy jokes with a cartoonish lilt.”

As a comedian, she has found success as a writer and correspondent on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which she said, takes up most of her time. In addition, she quips that she hopes to find time to get her reiki healing certification to become a therapist for cats.

Getting a straight answer out of her seems as difficult as actually performing reiki on a cat, but that’s what makes her so unique, her ability to deadpan the darndest things. It figures that she lists animals doing the darndest things and Maria Bamford saying the darndest things as what makes her laugh.

One thing she’s willing to get serious about is the underrepresentation of women in comedy. “I think an underrepresentation exists in all of the entertainment industry,” Brito said, “and I think it’s important to keep addressing that until the numbers match the general population better. Also, more types of voices makes things SO much better, just flip to a Golden Girls re-run to see! Do it! Now! I’m sure it’s on Lifetime. See? So great.”

As an AJND first timer, Brito is sure to be one of this years standouts. “I’m pumped,” Brito exclaims. “Comedy fests are the best because they’re like summer camp for comedians. I’m especially excited to experience and all-lady ones because I imagine there’ll be 300% more crafting and friendship bracelets.”

Find her @JanineBrito

 Tegan and Sarah Improv


Testing your willpower not to correct the seemingly incorrect spelling of Sara, the ladies behind Tegan and Sarah Improv are actually two funny ladies who just happen to have the best matched names since, well, you know.  I immediately got to the bottom of the confusion.

“I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say they NEVER get confused for us, but part of my likes to think they get stopped on the street once in a while and asked if they aren’t that up-and-coming improv duo everyone/no one has heard about,” the duo said. “In all honesty, we love Tegan and Sara, the band—two very successful fellow Vancouverites who happen to share (almost) our same names.  It’s all tongue-in- cheek.  If we happen to be inspired to be two hot rock stars in a scene one time though, don’t hold it against us.”

Described as “surprisingly aggressive,” their unique perspective finds inspiration from the audience at the top (like many improv forms) and transforms those ideas in to a series of fast paced make-em-ups, with characters and relationships that can be as familiar as they are absurd.

As first timers to the fest, the ladies are excited to be amongst a group of talented ladies. “Festivals as a whole are such a great part of the comedy ecology, and a chance to see and play for and with people from around the world you have adored from afar,” they said. “For the host city, it’s also a great chance to be exposed to acts and formats the audience doesn’t have regular access to.  AJND is a fantastic chance to do accomplish all of that, with the added benefit of connecting successful women in comedy from all over the continent.  You will catch us with our jaws dropped in the audience all weekend for sure.”

Find them @TheSarah There’ll always be the argument that highlighting the women of comedy further divides the gap that we’re trying so hard to close. That mentioning a fabulous comedian who happens to be a woman makes it about gender when it’s not, but that is not at all the intention of AJND.

“I just keep coming back to the statistics, that women represent 17-19% of comedy industry,” Hallal said. “There are so many funny women, there is just no excuse for that. [With AJND] I concentrate on one goal, to raise the visibility of women. This is my dream, that I hope gets bigger with time. I would like to have a touring part of it, we would do the festival here, pull the stand out performers and take them on the road.”

Stacey Hallal


In the meantime, while you’re anxiously awaiting the impending wave of funny ladies to come to your town, gear up for AJND’s first ever podcast. Hallal is planning to gather content from the coming weekend, interviews and performances, for a first episode.

“I just hope that people come,” Hallal said. “We grew this year, and we took bigger risks. I’m so proud of everyone performing, and I feel bad for anyone who misses it. I just want everyone to know how good it will be, because if they knew, they’d be here.”

All Jane No Dick happens October 17-20 in Portland, Oregon. Visit for tickets and more information.