Meet the 50 adorable pups who won the AfterEllen Dog Draft!

When we decided to create the AfterEllen Dog Draft, we thought it’d be a fun way for our readers’ puppies to participate in the hoopla leading up to the biggest sporting event in the world. What we didn’t factor into our decision was the fact that we were only going to be able to choose 50 pooches out of a pool of hundreds of your adorable, lovable, wonderful dogs! It was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, and we’ve sat through five seasons of Glee, so we know a thing or two about tough times. Below, you’ll find 50 of the greatest dogs in the all the lands. But don’t stop there: Head on over to our official AfterEllen Dog Draft Facebook page to “awwwww” over all the submissions.

Duncan Joseph


Hometown: Brooklyn

Haute Dawg Hottie! Diva Duncan would make the ultimate male cheerleader, exuding team spirit realness from the sidelines! Dunkie’s most amazing trait is positivity, proof that we can all overcome adversity. His most sought after skills are encouragement and acceptance. No matter win or loose he will always be there to back up his team!



Hometown: Charleston, SC

Skye is a rescue who was hit by a car at seven months old and shattered her hip. Five months later she’s back back in the game and terrorizing the competition, namely her brother Bogey. Position: corner back/defensive tackle. Strengths: interceptions of everything from toys to bones to unattended food of all kinds. Likes to go for the legs on a tackle. Don’t let those baby blues fool you, this girl came to play!



Hometown: Winston-Salem

Position: Bench Warmer. Special Skills: Ability to dominate any couch or comfortable sitting place and make it look more majestic. Uses a special signature move, the paradoxical “old fella/puppy face’ to deter anyone from sitting in his spot.

Charlie Bo


Hometown: Kansas City

Position Played: Defensive back—he’s excellent at intercepting other dogs’ tennis balls at the dog park. Skills: An amazing vertical leap, making sure no squirrels enter the yard, howling like a beagle, proudly prancing after stealing plastic clothes hangers/toilet paper, and being an absolute angel puff.

Hopsy Flopsy


Hometown: Atlanta

Strengths: He runs like the demons of hell are at his back. Weaknesses: He can’t catch for shit.