Vote now! March Madness Elite 8 Playoff: Xena vs. HG Wells


Well, things have taken a turn for the real here in the AfterEllen March Madness Hunger Games! During the Sweet 16 bonus round, Xena won a Resurrection Stone, allowing her a chance to play her way into the Elite 8 by taking on HG Wells! What’s amazing about this match-up is that Xena was axed by Dorothy Snarker but won her way right back into the competition, and also if any two lesbian/bi character really stood a chance at dominating The Hunger Games, it would be these two weapon-wielding, never-dying ladies.

This poll will be open until Sunday, March 6th at 2:00 PM. The winner will advance to the Elite 8 to take on Lost Girl‘s Tamsin.

Sexiest fisticuffs ever, or sexiest fisticuffs ever?