“Chicago P.D.” mini-recap: “Shay lives!”

When we last left our gorgeous, yet clumsy, paramedic Leslie Shay she had collapsed on the floor of the hospital after hearing that her true love was going to be all right. This episode of Chicago P.D. (a Chicago Fire crossover) opens with Shay lying on the ground and Kim, Atwater, and Holly rushing to tend to her. Holly finds that Shay’s “just a scratch” is really a gaping wound. They carry Shay into a ER bay and start working on her.


A few minutes later, the nurse says that Shay’s blood pressure is coming up. She’s surrounded by beautiful women, of course her blood pressure is coming up.


Later, Shay wakes up and see Severide hanging out at her bedside. These two have to stop meeting like this. I have a feeling Shay has a punch card and one more overnight stay and she’ll have a free ice cream or something. He gives her shit for not mentioning that she had a cavernous wound. She says she kept meaning to tell someone but that there was just too much to do.


He kisses her hand, tells her to get some rest and heads back out to save some more people. She stops to ask him about Zoe and Imogene. He doesn’t know what happened to them (for the record, Imogene dies, but saves Zoe with her liver). And that is all for our Leslie Shay on this episode. In the end there was no Rafferty sitting at Shay’s bedside, as we thought from the preview pictures.

What did you think of the crossover episode?