Erin Foley’s “Lady With Pockets” is gluten-free and super good

Erin Foley is one of the most revered comics among her peers, and those of us who know what’s funny, but her brand of comedy has the potential to make her a household name with her newest album, Lady With Pockets, being the catalyst. Any question of her being specifically a “lesbian comic” is forgotten when she jokes about long distance relationships (“It wasn’t working locally, so I had to outsource it”), financial insecurity and reading Harry Potter to Congress. She also touches on topics like boobs, so no worries there. “Obviously I’m a gay lady, I like to look at boobs.”

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Her hilarious opening routine pokes fun at Los Angeleans’ inclination to take healthy living to extremes before launching her own gluten intolerance woes. “If you’re unfamiliar with gluten, that is the ingredient they put in food to make it delicious.” Before ranting about what she can’t have, “Beer and bread are the two reasons I get out of bed in the morning” she lists what she’s allowed, including “arrow root, buckwheat, rice, flax, millet, quinoa, twigs, bark, steel wool.”

It’s her intelligent observational humor that makes her so relatable as a comic. Stating that she is, “35 on IMDB, that’s all that matters,” she jokes about apathetic friends (“Last Wednesday, I could barely get out of bed. I tried to work for an hour, went right back to bed and watched back to back to back episodes of Game of Thrones and questioned all of my life choices, but do I say it out loud? NO!”) and her biological clock (“I’m at the age when if I want to have kids, I have to have them now. Like in 5…4…3.”). Her take on financial stability in the arts is wickedly hilarious and on-point as she describes, “the thing about stand-up, it’s totally financial unstable…My idea of financial stability, financial security is not houses, and cars or any of that. It is to hand over my credit card with full confidence.”


It’s her irreverence, ramped-up intensity and rants on political correctness and absurd observations that makes her so entertaining. She describes baristas at ‘fancy coffeeshops, calling them “part hipster, part chemist,” ribs on the popularity of home births, “I have a cat, Peanut Foley. Cats like to be involved in everything… I don’t want to lint brush my baby,” and feeling qualified to run for political office because she “has no experience.”

Her best lesbian observation is when she imagines the lesbian version of Grindr. After saying that ladies remain single for five minutes, she describes “On The Verge” as an app where ladies can go and see other couples who are on the verge of breaking up before swooping down on them like a bird of prey with her talons out, picking one of them up and bringing her back to the menstrual hut for the next 30 years.

She speaks in observations and sarcasm and is exactly what I hope my own inner monologue sounds like. After listening to Lady with Pockets, I guarantee I won’t be the only one thinking, “someone give this woman a show already!” Until that time, I will continue to tell anyone who’ll listen about her podcast, Sports Without Balls because it’s hilarious and should be how anyone receives their sports-ball news.

Lady with Pockets is available now.