“Beacon Hill” recap (1.12): Red Flags

In Beacon Hill’s first season finale, the cliffhangers don’t so much shock, as they nicely set up events for Season 2. No one perishes in a fiery car wreck, no one is murdered or exposed as a criminal mastermind. It’s actually kind of refreshing.

Kate has been ignoring her father’s phone calls, which appears to be pissing him off big time. He’s kind of the Darth Vader of Beacon Hill, trying to pull Kate over to the dark side. Another person whose motives are hazy is Evelyn, who tries to make small talk with a distracted Sara. We find out that Sara didn’t attend her grandfather’s wedding, and this is the first time that they’ve actually laid eyes on one another. Sara is a little cold, shades of her mother coming through. Evelyn gets Sara’s hesitancy, and tries to explain that she does in fact love Sara’s grandfather. Their conversation is cut short by a phone call, and Sara excuses herself but not before suggesting that they pick up their conversation at another time. When she leaves, Evelyn’s expression betrays her upbeat demeanor. (Melissa Archer does a really lovely job with this scene. Hope to see more of her next season.)


Sara walks the Beacon Hill streets, trying to diffuse her angry editor. She’s missed her deadline for a juicy scoop on the Preston seat debacle, and promises to have a story soon. She stops in from of a home, and Kate comes to the door and invites Sara in. This time, Kate is smiling. It was Kate that initiated this meeting. By the clothes they are wearing, it is the same day as their run in at the coffee shop. Apparently, it only took a few hours to convince Kate that she wanted Sara back in her life.  This may be a lesbian world record.


They sit, drinking coffee and playfully cross-examining each other. Kate wants to let Sara back in, but she’s afraid of getting hurt. That fact that Sara is a reporter doesn’t bode well for them getting closer either. (Kate must watch Scandal.) They agree to a truce, and a tentative friendship. The dynamic between the characters in this scene is really fun to watch. Sara is an open book, relaxed and free with her movements. Kate pulls her arms in tight, her posture somewhat rigid. As she and Sara begin to talk more, Kate beings to almost melt, allowing her smile to come naturally. In other words, she drops the politician act for a moment, and lets Sara in.


At the coffee shop, Emily and Louise are chilling, munching on some scones when a pretty blonde walks in, looking for the Preston house. It’s Sara’s girlfriend Diane, come to surprise her. Emily and Louise give each other the “oh shit” face.


Back at Kate’s, Sara is full on making her ex laugh and ignoring her ringing cell phone. She tucks it into her pocket, and asks Kate to join her for dinner. When Kate doesn’t answer right away, Sara promises not to discuss politics or her grandfather. This elicits a very sexy “maybe” from Kate, which causes Sara to have this reaction:


The phone call was from Diane, who is growing increasingly concerned about her girlfriend’s connection to Representative Katherine Wesley. You are a smart lady, Diane.


At the Preston manor, the doorbell rings, which rouses the sloshed Claire from her room.  With a drink in hand, she reluctantly answers the door. Whoever appears on the other side, takes her breath away.


So we didn’t get a big Kate/Sara kiss, but considering the pace of the show, it would have felt rushed. This first season of Beacon Hill has been wonderfully written and acted, and has certainly left me wanting more. What about you?