“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.09): Too hot, Haught damn

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Officer Nicole Haught flirted with Waverly, Waverly became the keeper of the bones and then smashed the skull in her possession to bits, and Wynonna and Haught got kidnapped by creepers but were eventually saved.

We open with Wynonna pulling a Sarah Manning, drinking and dancing away her pain. Though her bender involves a lot more smiling.

Wynonna Earp 109-1Similar amounts of midriff though.

She can’t have a threesome like Sarah did, because every time she gets physically close to a guy she has flashbacks of the creeps that kidnapped her and almost cut her open. One guy doesn’t take the sudden pushback very well and starts to get physical, so Doc steps in. In response, Wynonna runs to the bathroom to throw up. In the bathroom, Wynonna tells Doc that she’d feel better after killing the Seven, but she still has this ball of rage inside her. Doc says maybe she doesn’t want to know what would be left if the rage left, but she tells him that is wildly unhelpful.

Wynonna wonders aloud what Wyatt did to mess things up so bad it’s affecting them now, but all Doc knows is that Wyatt always tried to be good. Wynonna is starting to think no good deeds go unpunished.

The next day, Wynonna struts into the precinct with coffee and swagger for days.

Wynonna Earp 109-2 I want a coworker upgrade.

Wynonna woke up with a new sense of purpose, and a feeling like she can kill all the Revenants, that she can be the one to end the curse. But Dolls has a bad weather forecast for Wynonna’s parade… she has to take a psych assessment, and the analyst is waiting for her as they speak. Wynonna reluctantly answers the analyst’s questions, that range from normal “Do you have PTSD?” questions to really inappropriate questions about her sex life.

When it’s over, Wynonna is pissed at Dolls because no matter how terrible the questions were, he just stood there and let her ask them. Dolls is standoffish and not helpful, and Wynonna says that she was scared, and he wasn’t there for her. She wants him to tell her he cares about her, but he either can’t or he won’t. All he does tell her is that she’s suspended and has to turn in her badge.