10 Times Celesbian Relationships Were Just Like Ours

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel envy toward celebrity relationships when you and your girlfriend can barely afford an Airbnb for a weekend getaway.

It goes without saying that our celeb-centric media and perfectly curated Instagram feeds have created a climate rife of jealousy and longing. Somehow when we weren’t looking, an invisible and deceptive line of us versus them emerged.

The reality is, we’re all navigating all the amazing (and mundane) aspects of love. Famous or not, every couple has a basic bathroom mirror selfie together… trust us.

Check out all the glorious norm-core relationship moments below!

1. Sometimes you can’t help but openly brag about how damn gorgeous your girl is. We think Holland Taylor set a fine example of how it’s done with this awestruck post about girlfriend Sarah Paulson:

2. Long distance relationships suck, period. The only silver lining in prolonged separation is when you FINALLY get to reunite. Props to Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli for totally nailing this LTR moment!

2. While Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent are no longer together (*obligatory moment of silence*), we have to give a shoutout to this sweet couple selfie. This is definitely a relationship milestone, right?

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3. Catching your boo in the midst of a snooze is like hitting the jackpot of adorableness. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a ton of cute snaps just like this one.

P.S. we’re here if you ever need a dog sitter, Lauren and Samira.

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4. Okay — so we might not have millions of followers to share our pranks with, but this video of Ellen DeGeneres working out, secretly recorded by Portia, is all of us.


In Portia’s defense, it was retaliation for this:

5. Birthdays are important, no matter how much your girlfriend tries to downplay them. There really is nothing better than gifting your girl with a shameless birthday shoutout to show her how much you care. For those looking for some inspiration, Beth Ditto really outdid herself with this sweet b-day message to wife Kristin Ogata AKA “Koala”:


6. Despite Ruby Rose and Harley Gusman’s breakup, we’re paying tribute to this moment because it’s just so damn relatable. Who hasn’t done something disgusting in the name of love before?


7. After a long week at work, there’s nothing better than a few drinks with your lady love. Eliot Sumner and Lucie von Alten are totally on to something here. Cheers!

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8. Ellen Page and girlfriend Samantha Thomas are the embodiment of relationship goals. While there’s a ton of relatable moments to choose from, we’re kinda obsessed with Ellen’s penchant for sharing these epic throwback photos of Samantha. BRB while we go search for our girlfriend’s childhood photo albums…

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9. Ah, the PDA selfie. While our make out sessions haven’t appeared in any magazines like Jenny Shimizu and wife Michelle Harper, we have our fair share of kissing snaps. Get it, ladies!

10. How darn cute is this? Even though Chely Wright is a bonafide county star, she and her wife Lauren Blitzer decided to keep their five-year wedding anniversary super casual by celebrating with their twin sons. Baseball caps, flip-flops, and toddlers for the win!

Basically, queer celebs are ALL OF US.  Rejoice, fellow normals!