Lesbian Erotica: “LDR”

Lesbian erotica - LDR

Diana sits cross-armed on her bed. Her blanket does little to protect her legs from the heat of her laptop. It’s way too late, but sleep is the last thing on her mind. The soft glow of her screen and the warm light of her lamp illuminate her bedroom. She readjusts her headphones as she runs her fingers through thick black curls. They’re caught in a knot. She sighs. It’s a problem for tomorrow. An empty room takes up her screen. The camera points at an empty chair. Behind that, a pastel blue blanket is haphazardly strewn about a bed. Morning sun slips through closed blinds. She’s spent many nights dreaming about being in that bed again. Her lips twitch into a crooked smile when she hears footsteps approaching the computer. 

Aoife falls into her seat. She exaggerates a frown, but her lips want to smile. Disheveled red hair is pushed to one side. A table light brightens up her ice blue eyes. She still wears her pajamas, an oversized T-shirt Diana left behind during her last visit. “What is this?” She finally allows herself a grin as she holds up a package. 

Diana shrugs. “You should open it and find out.” She knows exactly what’s inside. 

Aoife makes a face at her before she grabs her keys to open the box. “You know, you could’ve spent the money on a new shirt.” 

“What’s wrong with this one?” She looks down at her shirt. 

“Babe, it has more holes than actual shirt.” 

“It’s comfortable.” 

“It needs to go.” 

Diana only grumbles in response.

Aoife makes a face at her as she opens the box. “This is your favorite hoodie.” She pulls out a red hooded sweatshirt and brings it up to her nose. “It still smells like your cologne.” 

“You’re always telling me how cold it is over there,” she shrugs. “I can’t be there, so this is the next best thing.”

“You’re such a sweetheart.” Aoife slips into the hoodie, but leaves it unzipped. She ignores the rest of her gifts for a small black box. 

Diana laughs to herself. Her girlfriend never did like to save dessert for last. 

Aoife raises a brow in curiosity, but her smile does not fade. Nimble fingers slowly undo the black ribbon around the box. Her eyes remain on her screen, as though something on Diana’s face will reveal the surprise. 

The lid drops. Aoife can’t contain her glee. She holds up a pair of black lacy underwear. Before she comments, she notices something else, a saddle-shaped matte black toy. 

Diana chews on her lip in anticipation. 

Aoife glances over the included card. “Wirelessly controlled, huh?” She raises a brow. “Please tell me yours are pink.” 

Diana lowers her laptop screen to reveal that hers are in fact pink. “Your favorite color.”

Her girlfriend laughs as she slips her new toy into her new pair of underwear. “Teach me to use the app later. I’m assuming you already know how.” 

“The instructions are right there.” 

“When do I ever read the directions?” She tosses the small instructional booklet over her shoulder. “Why don’t you show me how it works right now.” 

Diana mirrors her girlfriend’s grin. 

Aoife gets to her feet, taking her computer with her. She sets it on the bed before momentarily disappearing. 

Diana chews on her lip. A jolt of anticipation hits her. Her finger hovers over the app. 

“How’s it look?” Aoife is in front of her laptop again. She holds back the hoodie and pulls up her shirt to give her lover a better view. The black lace leaves just enough to Diana’s imagination. The shirt’s white fabric has thinned from too many washes. Diana’s hoodie is a size too big, but something about seeing Aoife wearing her clothes makes her heart swell. 

All Diana can do is bite back a grin. Her mind races with memories of her last visit and every time Aoife’s lips touched her skin. 

“I know exactly what you’re thinking about.” Aoife climbs into her bed and props herself up on her elbow. 

Diana raises a brow. “Do you now?”

She falls onto her back and makes herself comfortable. “We have that lesbian galaxy brain connection, of course I know.” Aoife closes her eyes and holds the sweater closer. “You wish you were in my room. On my bed.” She looks into the camera. “On me.” She gives the slightest nod. 

Diana taps the option for the lowest setting. Her finger traces the edge of the toy on the screen knowing the real one will mimic the vibrations. 

“Oh, okay.” Aoife lets out a little laugh. “That’s how you’d start?” She only half jokes. 

Diana licks her lips. Her focus remains on her phone. “Oh no. I’d take my time.”

“Mhmm. Just like that time you got me all hot and bothered on my couch when I was trying to watch TV?” A gasp escapes her. Her body remembers that night, too. 

“You wouldn’t want me to?” She continues the motions on her phone, lazy and slow. “You wouldn’t want me to kiss you?” She looks up from her phone. “On your neck?” 

Aoife runs her fingers along her neck.

“Down your chest.” 

The hoodie slips off her shoulders. Her hands slide down her chest. The shirt’s fabric has thinned from too many washes, giving Diana a view that drives her mad. 

“I know you’re ticklish around your hips.”

Her girlfriend laughs as she her hands travel down her hips.

“Down your thighs.” 

Aoife’s hands move up her thighs. Her legs part. Her hands make their way down her inner thigh. 

Diana finds herself holding her breath. Her thumb moves closer to the center of the toy. 

Aoife stops just short of the black lace. She bites her lower lip. Even through the screen, Diana can see her breathing just a little heavier. 

“But if that’s not what you want.” Diana begins to lift her finger off the screen. 


“Why don’t you tell me what you want, then.” Diana traces ovals up and down her screen. 

Aoife rolls her head to the side so she looks directly at the camera. The look in her eyes sends heat down Diana’s body. 

“I wanna touch you.” She takes a deep breath. “I wanna feel you.” A gasp escapes her. “I wanna taste you.” She closes her eyes. “I want everything that happened after the couch.” She punctuates her sentence with a laugh. 

Diana’s body starts to remember. Her heartbeats a little faster. She watches her girlfriend grasp at her sweater, restless and begging for her touch. “No hands?”  

She shakes her head no. “Not unless they’re yours.” Her breathing is heavy and desperate. 

The sound of vibrations mixes with Aoife’s soft moans. Diana is intoxicated, her fist closes around her blanket in an attempt to keep her hands above the covers. 

Aoife arches her back before sinking back into the bed. Her girlfriend smiles at her. “Let me show you what I wanna do to you.” She reaches overhead and grabs something offscreen. 

Diana’s breath catches in her throat. 

Her girlfriend straddles an overstuffed pillow. 

The smile on her face makes Diana’s heartbeat drops between her legs.  “Oh fuck,” she mutters under her breath. She hastily taps her phone to put the toy on an automatic setting. Pressure builds, her body begs to be touched. She can’t keep her hands above the covers anymore. Wetness covers her fingers. Her head falls back onto her headboard. Memories of what was fade into fantasies of what could be. 

“Hey,” Aoife calls out to her. “Eyes on me.” Her smile never leaves her face. 

Diana does as she’s told.

“Every night,” Aoife struggles to talk between moans. “This is what I think about doing to you every night.” Her hands clutch the pillow case. Aoife pushes her messy red hair to one side, making sure it doesn’t cover her eyes. 

Diana can’t help but match her rhythm. She pushes her laptop further down her bed, giving her girlfriend full view of what she’s up to. She imagines her hands belong to her lover. A groan escapes her as her body remembers Aoife’s touch. 

Aoife can barely speak through her labored breaths. “That feels so good but,” She lets out a laugh. “It’d be better if you were here.” She bites back her grin, making sure her moans reach her lover across the sea. 

“I miss how you taste.” Diana looks directly into the camera. “And how you smell. And,”

“And how wet you make me.” Her lover’s moans are intoxicating.

“Oh god, I love the way you sound when,” A sharp inhale cuts her off.

“When I want you so bad,” Aoife can’t control herself now.

And Diana doesn’t want her to. “Show me how bad.” 

A soft laugh laces Aoife’s moans. The muscles in her thighs tense. Her grip on the pillow tightens. Eyes shut tight, her chest rises and falls. Her lover throws her head back. 

“Eyes on me.” Diana’s voice is barely a whisper. 

Aoife falls forward onto the pillow, but her pace quickens. She grins and opens her eyes, looking straight through her screen. Once icy blue, they now burn like suns. If she ever cared about the volume of her voice, she doesn’t now. 

The sound of her lover lost in lust, possesses Diana. Each sharp inhale, every desperate exhale sends her closer to the edge. Diana can’t touch her. All she has now is this. Even with her face almost completely buried in the pillow, Diana can still hear her. 

Aoife claws at her bedsheets. Through a curtain of red hair, Diana can see her trying to keep an eye on her, but it’s too much. “Oh god, baby,” she can’t finish her sentence. Every exhale carries a moan. Through jagged breaths, she cries out. 

It’s enough to send Diana over the edge. Waves of pleasure overcome her. 

An ocean between them, nine hours apart, the lovers lay panting in separate beds. Aoife is left a giggling, writhing mess. Diana remembers her phone and switches off the toy. 

Her girlfriend slips off the pillow and clings to her hoodie. “I miss you so much.”

She feels a momentary ache in her chest. Only having her lover in her arms can cure it. How could she possibly tell her this? She takes a deep breath. “Sometimes it almost hurts not being with you.” She shrugs. “I’d run across the ocean for you.” The words leave her mouth before she can stop herself. 

“Oh, so dramatic.” Pink colors Aoife’s cheeks. 

“Too much?” 

She shakes her head no. “Never!” The scowl on her face softens. “I hate whoever made you feel like you’re too much, because I always want more.” 

“Then how about I give you one more gift?” 

Aoife watches in anticipation. 

Diana finally removes the shirt her girlfriend hates so much. 

Eyes wide, Aoife’s lips curl into a smirk. “I have work in three hours.” 

“And I should’ve been asleep three hours ago.” Diana makes herself comfortable. “You said you wanted more.” 

Aoife reaches for her phone. “Then show me how this works.”