Femmetastic! How to Travel Light (No, but really)

Everyone I know is traveling like crazy this summer. Obviously, this calls for lighter (and fewer) clothes due to the rise in temperature, but it can still be quite the task to shove maximum garments into minimum luggage.

I’m here to lend a hand and help you figure out how to plan your life en route and pack for five days in one carry-on. If you are going to a super specific occasion, these suggestions may not apply, but take what you can use and pack it.

Trying to get away with only bringing one pair of jeans can be taxing but totally necessary if you’re maxing out your suitcase. If I know my lesbos (and I’m pretty sure that I do), it’s one of the most essential and diverse parts of their wardrobe.

When out of town it’s a good idea to bring your best and most durable pair. The most ideal option would be to have a pair that you can easily dress up or down — meaning, you can throw on a t-shirt just as easily as a nice button down should the occasion arise. I think it’s essential that the color of the denim be a darker shade as well as it’s likely that you’ll have access to laundry as you’re jet-setting around.

I know that it ‘s sometimes like someone asking you to sever your right arm when forced to choose just a couple of pairs of shoes, but that is exactly what I’m requesting of you. If you wear flip-flops to the airport and pack two extra pairs in your bag, you should be golden. Make sure that one pair is super comfortable and extra versatile and goes with almost every outfit that you’ve pieced together.

The other pair should ideally be a tad dressier for those nicer occasions that sometimes arise, but has a bit more flex room. All in all, they should both make sense with the rest of what you’re bringing but also add an element of “fun” to your vacation clothes. It’s not all Sensible Sally with the sandals.

The last detail that will most definitely save you space is to layer. If you’ll need a jacket at some point, pick something that flows with the rest of your ensembles and wear it to the airport to avoid wrinkling it in your bag. A nice tweed or a light suit jacket looks great and uber sophisticated if the event calls for something a bit snappier. It also looks cool and unexpected when paired more casually, like with sneakers and shorts.

If jackets really aren’t your bag, pick the nicest and most neutral colored hoodie that you own — you’ll thank me later after you spill on it and can’t wash it for days on end. It never hurts to have something covering your shoulders on the plane, either.

Thinking before packing will save you headaches as well as arm aches on your summer travels. Use discretion and think of your clothes as a teeny tiny collection, one that needs to make sense and flow so that if the need to swap something out in an unexpected moment, it’s totally possible thanks to your good planning.

Where will this season be taking you?

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