Franqi French, Part 1 – Comic & Winner of this year’s StandUp NBC

Franqi French – Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

The AfterEllen Podcast is back and this week we’re talking with Franqi French, the winner of the StandUp NBC search for diverse comedians. This out-bisexual firebrand talks career, her lesbian kid (who clearly has a career in comedy ahead of her), and family. Franqi goes deep with us into trauma and growing into your authentic self. She even got me to serenade her on the banjo, since we both love country music. This woman needs to quit! But she won’t! In fact, I loved talking to her so much (forgive me for fangirling) we had to break up our conversation into two episodes! Head’s up: this podcast features adult themes, and not just our in-depth conversation about tops, bottoms, switches, and whether the stereotype is true that lesbians won’t date bi women.

WARNING Adult content and mentions of sexual violence. To skip this content, click ahead to Part 2 of the interview.

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