“Fashion Star” Recap: Outside of the Box (Episode 5)

This week was all about getting the designers to do something they wouldn’t normally do. Unfortunately, Barbara has always sucked so she did not do her job. She tried to get them to change their minds when they turned down her bohemian dresses by saying she is a breast cancer survivor and had club feet as a child. I hope she doesn’t put that on her resume going forward. Bye bye Barbara!

Ronnie and Sarah both tried bathing suits, but only Ronnie got a buy. That kind of shocked me, actually, as they were kind of ’80s. This is the first week H&M said no to Sarah, and the mentors thought it was because the colors were just too bland.

Ross took Nicole Richie‘s advice and tried his hand at lingerie, which H&M did buy. Also Elle MacPherson alerted us to the fact that Nicole doesn’t wear a bra. Then everyone looked at Nicole’s boobs and nodded. (Just me?)

Nikki failed at menswear and Orli was doing some kind of bizarre three-in-one piece again that the buyers were confused about.

Kara proved, once again, she’s the one to beat with another Saks buy and compliments like “We like you; we really like you.” She really went for it this week with long dresses, including the olive one (my fave). She was able to keep her edge!

We also saw a sweet moment between Kara and her mom, who phoned to say how proud she was of Kara. I feel bad that Kara’s always crying, but it’s usually tears of joy. She said her mom lives vicariously through her, as all good moms do.

Her only competition this week was Luciana, whose jackets were to die for. She really put a lot of hard work into the detailing, and she created a bidding war between Macy’s and Saks.

Nzimiro‘s spring dresses got picked up by H&M. Strangely, they are selling them in black and purple and not his color patterns.

With only seven designers left, I have a feeling it’s going to come down to Kara, Luciana and Nikki. Now that Barbara’s out of the fold, I say Ross gets the boot next.

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