Morning Brew – Friday, April 20: A clip from “Jack & Diane,” Wanda Sykes on “Ellen”

Good morning!

The winner of our Caption This contest from the other day is Happylittletree! Way to be witty and gay!

“Hey Secret Service boys, if you have to pay for it, you’re doing it wrong!”

Jack & Diane makes its premiere this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival. They’ve finally released a clip, featuring some kissing between Juno Temple and Riley Keough. Great clip choice, guys!


If you aren’t seeing it at Tribeca this week, then you’ll have to wait until Sept. 28 when it’s on demand.

Vanity Theft is hitting the road again. Check out the tour dates on their website to see when they are coming to your town.

Tabatha Coffey‘s Bravo show, Tabatha Takes Over, has been renewed for a third season. Speaking of, she and Jackie Warner were having some kind of bizarre Twitter conversation yesterday I was trying to follow, in which Jackie said:

So is Jackie going to have a new show? Another season of Work Out? God, I’d love that.

<Heather Peace shared some facts with the BBC about playing DS Sam Murray on Lip Service. Did you know this?

When I first auditioned for Lip Service it was for the part of Frankie – they hadn’t yet started to look for a Sam. I read for the part but just wasn’t right and I knew it. I couldn’t find anything charming or loveable about the character but I think Ruta Gedmintas did. At the end of my audition for Frankie I said “I could play that Sam character standing on my head!” at which point they made me read for it there and then. I was thinking “I better get this right now after being so blooming cocky!” At that time she was only in a couple of scenes and when I came out of the audition I phoned my agent and said “If I stood a chance of getting the lead role in Lip Service, I just talked my way out of it by reading for one of the really minor roles, sorry.”

Could you see Heather as Frankie? She’s just so Sam!

Beth Ditto is looking hot on the cover of Dedicate magazine.

Photo from Dedicate

Yesterday on The Ellen Show, Wanda Sykes talked about her voice, which is always recognizable.


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