Morning Brew – Thurs. July 5: US lesbian wrestler disqualified from Olympic team, Martina talks demanding equality

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your day off, if you had one. The good thing is you didn’t miss much! Lesbians took the day off yesterday, apparently.

The best thing that happened while we were gone, though, is singer Frank Ocean coming out as bisexual. I’m not sure if you know who he is, but I’m a huge fan, although I had been a little conflicted at first because he is a member of the Odd Future family. But as much as they use homophobic statements in their music, they also have an out lesbian DJ and a bisexual singer in their group, which is certainly progressive as far as the hip-hop community goes. I’m still figuring this one out for myself but I’m so happy for Frank, nonetheless.

Frank Ocean (front) and Syd tha Kid (center) with Odd Future

Courtesy Odd Future

Speaking of Odd Future’s resident lesbian, Syd tha Kid is going on tour with her duo The Internet for a few select dates in August.

Although, if you’re wondering, Tyler the Creator‘s Twitter “about me” section says “I’m not a dyke,” so don’t expect any announcements from him anytime soon.

In disheartening news, out lesbian wrestler Stephany Lee was disqualified for the London Olympics because she tested positive for marijuana. She told The New York Times that she had given up smoking pot for two weeks before the testing and she thought it’d be enough time.

Stephany Lee (left)

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty

You’d think with all the discipline it takes to train for something like the Olympics she could have stopped for longer ahead of time, maybe. Oh well — one less lesbian to watch in the games.

The Sapphic Nomads are two women on a search for LGBT communities around the world. They want to know what it’s like for lesbians in every country. Support Maggie and Katie’s endeavor on IndieGoGo.

An interesting new study finds that lesbian and bisexual women suffer from different kinds of abuse as it correlates with their gender presentation. The results show “more masculine women often reported instances of childhood abuse whereas more feminine women reported instances of adult sexual assault.” For more on this, check out the June issue of the journal Sex Roles.

Martina Navratilova spoke at Out & Equal, a conference about being LGBT-friendly in the workplace, and advised gays on how they can help find equality in their own profession, saying: “Get more political. Be more of an advocate on a bigger level. Stand up more to these really ignorant statements, whether it’s politicians or different churches. Because silence equals consent. So they [corporations] need to be a little more vocal in their support.” In other words, tell Chick-fil-A to shove it.

The Windy City Times talked with our own Mia Jones for their “A Gay in the Life” feature. I can’t believe she never told me she was in a performing arts troop with Kel from Keenan and Kel. Maybe she was embarrassed that Keenan went on to have a better career.

I’m going on a camping trip with my wife this weekend so Heather Hogan will be your Brewer tomorrow. If I don’t come back before Monday, please send help!

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