The Weekly Geek: Occupy Comics at Comic-Con

The geek world is positively abuzz with Comic-Con hype. No doubt, most of the nerd press is busy taking in all the glory of the big news – the press screenings, celebrity panels and gaming events. There’s even some intriguing queer programming.

One note that might get lost in all the hubbub (and there’s a great deal of hubbub, to be sure) is this encouraging story coming out of Wired about comic artist David Lloyd’s presence at Saturday’s “Occupy Comics: Activism, Kickstarter and Comics” program. Lloyd is the famed artist behind the original V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask that became the unofficial icon for the movement and he will be in attendance for the panel, which is expected to draw crowds of activist-minded geeks in masks.

Photos from Occupy Comics

From Wired:

“Having David Lloyd join us on the panel is pretty epic,” Occupy Comics organizer and Black Mask Studios president Matt Pizzolo told Wired. “He’s obviously a huge influence on all the Occupy Comics creators, and the movement in general. I’m looking forward to finally thanking him in person.”

Occupy Comics’ first issue arrived last month, with a hardcover anthology coming in September.

“When we started Occupy Comics, we thought it might be a necessary time capsule for maybe 20 years from now, when people have forgotten about Occupy,” Pizzolo said. “But this project is vital now, since so many news outlets have stopped covering the movement, even as new scandals such as Liboremerge and demonstrate things are only getting worse.”

We’ve touched on graphic novels and Occupy Activism in this column before, and we’re thrilled to see the movement (or the art movement within the activist movement) take off in such a way that it’s attracted top-name talent to a Comic-Con panel. There’s no better (or geekier) example of artists giving their First Amendment rights some exercise.

We can’t wait to hear more about the panel, and yes, we’re supremely jealous of the folks who are in San Diego right now.