Morning Brew – Thurs. July 19: Gwyneth Paltrow to star in “Blood, Bones and Butter” adaptation, Gina Gershon’s management didn’t want her to do “Bound”

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You guys, I’m so excited! Gwyneth Paltrow is going to play out chef Gabrielle Hamilton in the film adaptation of her memoir Blood, Bones & Butter. The book is a great read but I have a feeling some of you aren’t going to love part of Gabrielle’s story. In the book (and in real life) Gabrielle was a lesbian who married a man. They’re separated now, but I figured you should hear it from me! So the likelihood of Gwynnie getting sexy with another woman on screen is nil.

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Pretty Little LiarsMarlene King is developing her film Now and Then into a television series. Not only is this exciting because all girls loved this film, but Christina Ricci‘s character was supposed to be gay before she was stripped of her lesbian ways and forced to french Devon Sawa. Here’s hoping this doesn’t happen in the TV adaptation, which would be for ABC Family — where lesbian teens thrive.

The second episode of The Real L Word airs tonight and here’s a clip of Whitney Mixter planning to pop the question to Sara Bettencourt.


In an interview with Uinterview, Chaz Bono said he thought he was a terrible gay woman.

I felt like I was doing something wrong, like I was a really bad lesbian,” he said, adding: “There was nothing about me that was feminine or female. I would get in a lot of relationships with women who seemed to try to change me in some way. It was almost as challenging being with lesbians as it was with straight women when I was younger.

And being with straight women is something I would wish on no one! So cut it out. You know who you are!

Kaia Wilson answers some questions for Rookie as part of their video series “Ask a Grown Woman.” A 16-year-old asks for advice on her sexuality and Kaia admits her first crush on Olivia Newton John.


Gina Gerson discussed her career with The Daily Beast, including Bound. An excerpt:

For her next role, she found herself in another contentious situation. She knew she wanted to play Corky in Bound, but her management wanted her to have nothing to do with it. Her agent at the time told her playing a lesbian would end her career. “It was before Boys Don’t Cry. It had a big taboo to it. I was like, This is great part. It was the classic guy-gets-girl movie, and I got to be the hero. The girl never gets to be the hero.” She did the movie anyway. “I was so happy after Showgirls to cut my nails off, to cut my hair off, to not wear any makeup. I wanted to look like a boxer.”

And we are forever grateful.

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