The Huddle: Looking forward to the London Games

It’s Opening Ceremonies day! The Olympics are in full swing, so what are we most excited about? To sum it up, girls and sports.

The Linster: Only in London would the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games feature literary characters. Rumor has it that we’ll see characters as diverse as Alice (direct from Wonderland), Captain Hook, and Oliver Twist. Sounds like a lesbian bibliophile’s dream, right? Just you wait. The climax (take that however you want) will be a giant, 40-foot Lord Voldemort, who rises from the center of Olympic Stadium in victory. Until, that is, 30 Mary Poppinses float down from the sky, umbrellas in hand, and kick he-who-cannot-be-named’s evil butt.

The whole thing sounds insane — and very, very British. I can’t wait.

Mia Jones: I am most excited about the Vogue-off. With as much Grindr crashing that has happened, I am positive there will be some serious Olympic diva REAL-ness. Snap.

Bridget McManus: The hotdog eating contest.

Grace Chu: The Spice Girls.

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty

Trish Bendix: The Megan Rapinoe event.

Lucy Hallowell: I love all of it, random sports, moments you never see coming (Cathy Freeman circling the track in Sydney with both the Aussie and Aboriginal flags), watching the parents bawling when their kids compete, the sappy stories, the unadulterated joy of the winners, the athletes who will never make the podium but are so happy to be there, the women from Saudi Arabia, and the excitement of my three year old and who says things like “someday I’m going to be like the big girls and play soccer in the Olympics.”

Karman Kregloe: Diving, because how the hell do they even do that?

Courtney Gillette: The one where I make out with Abby Wambach. That’s a non-broadcast event, right?

Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty

Dorothy Snarker: ALL OF IT. EVERY LAST MINUTE. AND I WILL BE CRYING DURING THE OPENING CEREMONIES. YES, IN CAPS LOCK. Otherwise, women’s soccer and of course beach volleyball because I am a gay lady and duh.

What are you looking forward to at the London 2012 games?

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