Morning Brew – Monday, Aug. 6: Rashida Jones would go gay for Amy Poehler, Chavela Vargas passes away at 93

Good morning! A huge thanks to Heather Hogan for holding it down and doing Morning Brew for the past two weeks while I was in L.A. What a gal.

In some incredibly sad news, Chavela Vargas has passed away at the age of 93. The out lesbian Mexican singer came out at age 81, but defied gender norms throughout her entire career. RIP Miss Vargas.


Rashida Jones is in love with her Parks & Recreation co-star Amy Poehler. She tells HollywoodLife:

I would go gay for her. It doesn’t seem fair that I get to work with her. I love her unconditionally.

Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty

Get in line, Rashida! I hope Aubrey Plaza feels the same way about them both.

It looks like Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star K. Michelle isn’t the only bisexual one on the show. Her co-star, Joseline Hernandez, also came out as bisexual on Twitter. She told a radio station that she doesn’t care if her man cheats on her with other women, because she loves women too and she’ll be “right there with him.” Sounds pretty healthy.

Photo by Prince Williams/Getty

In case you forgot who else is bi, here’s a list of 9 Sexy Bisexual Celebrities. It is not lost on me that every woman on this list has a male partner or professes to have more interest in males.

While we’re on the topic of bisexual women, actress Saffron Burrows is pregnant. It’s like a puzzle trying to figure out how she got that way.

This article is supposed to be funny, I suppose: “10 Reasons Why Katy Perry is a Lesbian.” Do not want!

Cobie Smulders told Women’s Health she had a crush on a fellow teen-model when she was 12.

This girl modeled, and she came up to me and said she thought I looked the part [of a model]. I would have done anything to hang out with her more.

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And that model was Tyra Banks. Just kidding. I have no idea who it was but can’t you just see her coming forward to do an interview with US Weekly: “I was Cobie Smulders’ teenage girlfriend.”

On the Olympics tip, congratulations to out tennis star Lisa Raymond for taking home a bronze medals yesterday. The very gay Dutch field hockey team remains unbeaten and will play Great Britain today. And France’s Jessica Harrison finished ninth in the triathlon on Saturday. Way to represent, ladies!

Do you wish you had a song to sing to Chik-Fil-A? Girlfriends Chrissy Chambers and Bria Kam have you covered.


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