The Huddle: Dancing Queens

Some people are just magnetizing when they move. Ellen DeGeneres, for example. She’s just so happy when she dances, you have to watch and start dancing, too. And with the video of Hillary Clinton getting down in South Africa this week, it was time for us to discuss who we just love to see doing their thing.


Heather Hogan: The last couple of months of Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State work have felt like a farewell tour, and that really may be what’s happening. She’s said she’s moving on to a life outside of politics after this year’s general elections. She says she wants to remember what it’s like to sleep. I will hold out hope that she’ll run for president in 2016 until the final votes are counted. But until then, I’m going to watch her dance her way across the entire world like the rock star that she is.

Ali Davis: Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin dancing over the end credits of All of Me is one of the best things ever filmed.

Bridget McManus: I feel like this huddle topic is dirty. On that note, I greatly
enjoyed watching Amber Heard dance in The Rum Diary.

The Linster: This. ’nuff said.

Grace Chu: After destroying Maria Sharapova in the gold medal match in women’s singles, Serena Williams celebrated with a smile and the most adorable Crip Walk ever seen at the All-English Club.

Actually, it was probably the only Crip Walk ever seen at the All-English Club, and some sports writers got their tighty whities in a bunch over a happy dance that lost its ties to gang culture while they will still in elementary school. If you’re going to go after Serena Williams, you should go after Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber as well, as they have incorporated the same dance steps into their routines.

So, whatever! Serena Williams is only the second woman to win a Career Golden Slam, and you know what? She can celebrate any way she wants: the Crip Walk, the dougie, the Macarena, the running man, Elaine’s herky jerky dance on Seinfeld. Go on with your bad self, and go team USA!

Mia Jones: All the dances the dudes do on Maury after finding out they are not the father of the babies the ladies were 110% sure they had sired. Those guys have some sweet moves regardless of how sad the stories are.

Erika Star: Since this probably isn’t the forum for my questionable love for Channing Tatum, I’ll gush about my personal favorite lady on our 2012 Hot 100, Heather Morris. Second only to her one-liners is her ability to make even the likes of Ke$ha look flawless. And that is no small feat.

Lucy Hallowell: Brittana. Brittany S. Pierce is the most eye-catching, jaw-droppingly incredible dancer in a Glee club full of kids who dance like no high schoolers I have ever seen. Paired with Santana Lopez (no slouch in the dancing department) and you get killer moves and heart thumping chemistry.

Emily Hartl: I really do love to watch that Ellen Degeneres dance. Maybe it’s because she’s the world’s most universally likeable homo, maybe it’s those wacky openers but man when she puts on the Ciara and gets cracking it warms my heart. Be kind to one another, indeed!

Dara Nai: Nomi Malone from Showgirls. Throwing yourself dramatically on a car every time you don’t get your way is dancing, right?

Karman Kregloe: There are so many better dancers/singers than Lindsay Lohan, but when this video came out (a long time ago) I remember watching it a lot. I should probably be ashamed of myself.

Trish Bendix: It’s so brief but it makes me oh-so-happy.

Who do you love to watch as they shake their ass?