WTF? 50 Cent’s “Be My Bitch” is about his lesbian girlfriend

50 Cent hasn’t had the best relationship with the LGBTQ community. First there’s his use of the word “fag” in his songs. Then in 2010 he tweeted “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol.”

He may be named 50, so clearly we’re not dealing with a full deck, if you know what I mean.

But what’s interesting about the rapper is that his mother was a lesbian, something he’s seemed to have had a change of heart about recently. He used to speak quite illy of the fact his mom slept with women, but in an interview with Perez Hilton, he openly discussed his mom’s relationships and sexuality. I thought, perhaps he’s coming around to not being such a closed minded person after all and I can awkwardly rap along to “In Da Club” in public.

Then I saw this music video.

So this song, called “Be My Bitch,” (first red flag) has some choice lyrics:

My girl got a girlfriend I call her play thing / Why would I complain she’s everything to me man / We match together perfect /Isn’t this amazing, isn’t this amazing / Back massage Minaj, they turned on I’m hot/ Great sex latex I’m playin my part.

At least he’s using protection, I guess. And the video, as you can see above, follows a Kim Kardashian lookalike getting it on with another beautiful feminine woman. This is literally the male gaze. This is who is thinking this shit is real and it is going to happen for him, just like it happens for 50. This is why there’s a tabloid cover of a magazine right now that details Kim Kardashian’s wild night with another woman. Apparently this is the new American dream.

Obviously this is nothing new. Rappers, in particular, have been using this “my girl gets with girls and that’s OK with me, as long as I’m involved” idea for quite a while. But here’s the thing: I find it difficult to see how you can say things like “faggot” and “no homo” and other homophobic rhymes and then employ women to have sex with and for you and your audience. This is a tired trend and until 50 Cent and his peers start getting a little more real about equality on all fronts, I’m not going to feel like they are any kind of ally, no matter what they tell Perez Hilton.

“My mom was a lesbian. Yeah, she liked women. My whole childhood was like that,” 50 told Perez. “From a female perspective, when you see two females together, you think, ‘Oh, they’re just girlfriends, They’re close.’ But, with my mom, the male was missing.”

He seriously thinks that there was something missing. This might be why he feels the need to have a music video where the lesbians are OK with him, as long as he gets to join. I’m trying to have more faith in 50 and other hip-hop stars who are voicing their support for equality, but 50, you’re doing it wrong!