The Huddle: LOL-worthy lesbian jokes

Lesbians are often thought to be humorless, yet we can often be the butt of jokes. This week The New Normal came under fire for saying lesbians were frowny with “gingerbread man bodies.” Surely we’ve heard worse. I know I have. Take Eddie Griffin‘s homophobic stage act for example. Or when Monica Crowley or Gordon Ramsay think it’s hilarious to refer to straight women as lesbians like it’s the worst insult possible.

But there are some truly funny jokes that prove we are able to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously, as long as it’s in good fun and, well, actually funny. Group, what’s your favorite lesbian joke?

Grace Chu: What do you get when you have 10 lesbians and 10 laid off bankers? Twenty people who don’t do dick.

The Linster: The scene from an early 30 Rock in which Jack set Liz up with a lesbian friend still makes me laugh.

Liz: What made you think I was gay?
Jack: Your shoes.
Liz: Well I’m straight.
Jack: Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.


Dara Nai:

Heather Hogan: My favorite lesbian joke ever ever ever is from one of the routines Fortune Feimster did on Last Comic Standing. She was talking about how she grew up in the South and didn’t know she was gay for a long time and so in high school sometimes her mom would come into her room on like a Friday night and be all, “Why are you sitting in here crying because Sally is on a date with a boy?” And Fortune would growl-shout, “BECAUSE SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND, MOM! GOD!”

Even now, years later, I laugh out loud every time I think about it. I grew up gay in the South too, and it’s just so true.

Ali Davis: I still love Jane Lynch‘s Emmy line: “Many people are curious about why I’m a lesbian. Ladies and Gentlemen, the cast of Entourage.”


Trish Bendix: The entire lesbian journaling group sketch on Portlandia is amazing, but I have to go with this one liner from Sarah Silverman: “As a lesbian I resent your laughter — and all laughter.” That whole episode where she goes gay for Tig Notaro is pretty much amazing.


Lucy Hallowell: My first thought is not really a joke but the basketball scene from The L Word was the funniest, most ridiculous bit of humor I’ve seen in a while. In terms of actual jokes I am going with the scene from Will & Grace when Rosie O’Donnell plays Elliot’s mom.

[Jack doesn’t believe that Eliot’s mother is gay]
Jack: No, it can’t be… say something lesbionic.
Bonnie: Home Depot.
Jack: K.D. Lang you are a lesbian.

Bridget McManus: I like the ol’ reliable cheesy joke: What do you call a lesbian with long finger nails? Single.

Your turn! What’s the best lesbian joke you’ve ever heard?