“Meet the Throwaways”: Fiona (Ep. 7)

“Meet the Throwaways” is a series of seven shorts created to compliment the new tellofilms.com web series The Throwaways. These shorts do not include scenes from the actual series: They are original, separate, and super-special supplementary scenes that put a microscope on the lives of the girls in The Throwaways. You could watch The Throwaways on its own and understand everything just fine, but watching these extras will make it a little more fun.

Watch as Fiona (Cowgirl Up’s Bridget McManus) meets and (sort of) greets each new girl who shows up at her doorstep. For many of our Throwaways, Fiona is the first friendly face they’ve seen since being rejected by their families for their sexuality, and they’re not sure if they can trust her yet. Feisty Fiona is up to the challenge, though, ready to show them one version of what life can be like post-coming out and pre-growing up.

Fiona is one of the more mysterious characters in The Throwaways. Simultaneously nurturing and cruel, Fiona reveals the road that led to her becoming the leader of The Throwaways as well as a little more about her complicated relationship with the big boss, Bill. 


International viewers can watch here.

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