Morning Brew – Fri. Oct. 12: Lena Dunham supports her lesbian sister, Olivia Thirlby on sexual energy

Good morning!

Bisexual actress Olivia Thirlby talked about her new film, Nobody Walks, and the sexual energy of her character.

Sexual energy and sexual expression are definitely big themes of this film and also of Martine, her character, and also of her art. If you look at that bug film, she even says that she was basically trying to make something not sexual. But, to me, that film is really sexual. You watch it and there’s something sensual about it. And, I think for people, sexual impulses are hard to control. It’s just part of being a human and this film presents people who are not controlling their sexual impulses properly.

Nobody Walks is available on iTunes this weekend.

Gina Gershon says she still gets a lot of love from her lesbian fans. (Duh.)

“The gay guys seem to gravitate towards me from Showgirls. And then the gay girls seem to gravitate towards me from Bound. And I get the transgenders. I get the really interesting, cool fans. I have to say: I love that fan base. I think I’ve probably said life might have been easier had I actually been a lesbian. Maybe like my love life would have been a little bit easier. Although that’s probably not true. The lesbians – I mean I don’t mean to be sexist or whatever the word would be – but they do get me the best presents as fans. I get good gifts from them.

What are you guys buying Gina Gershon?? I need to know. Also, lesbians love Showgirls too.

NBC has released some photos of Mockingbird Lane, starring Portia de Rossi. Do you like her look?

Jane Lynchis boycotting Amway for supporting NOM. I don’t know where Amway is by me, but I’m now boycotting it too.

Lena Dunham says she’s voting for Obama because she wants to party at her lesbian sister’s wedding. I like that idea.

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