The Huddle: #sorrylesbians

This week on Twitter the hashtag #sorryfeminists was trending after a New York Times editor joked she was sorry for calling controversial writer Katie Roiphe sexy.

Feminists everywhere LOLed and took the opportunity to poke fun at stereotypes, which gave us the idea to do something similar for this week’s huddle.

So let’s do this lesbians!

Lucy Hallowell: I’m allergic to pussy cats #sorrylesbians

Elaine Atwell: I have never even used half of tools on my Swiss army knife. #sorrylesbians

Ali Davis: No, camping is not a date. #sorrylesbians

Heather Hogan: Paige McCullers has singled me out to be the companion of her future life. #sorrylesbians

The Linster: No, I don’t want to be friends with my ex. #sorrylesbians

Bridget McManus: I killed Jenny Schecter. #sorrylesbians

Grace Chu: Ani who? #sorrylesbians

Dorothy Snarker: I don’t feel closer to fine. #sorrylesbians

Mia Jones: Electric tape over your boobs does not make you a rebel, it makes you someone whose nipple skin will probably be peeled off by the end of the day #sorrylesbians

Dara Nai: Having more than three cats officially makes you a hoarder. #sorrylesbians

Trish Bendix: I have no interest in shoes that could be described as sensible. #sorrylesbians

Karman Kregloe: Lesbian hipsters are just as annoying as hetero hipsters. #sorrylesbians

Emily Hartl: I can’t tell when baseball season ends and basketball begins. #sorrylesbians

What are you sorry about, lesbians?