Afternoon Delight: Naomie Harris shoots to kill in “Skyfall,” Peaches likes Katy Perry’s boobs

Good afternoon and happy Monday!

Happy birthday to A League of Their Own director Penny Marshall!

Speaking of Marshall, have you seen Fred Armisen‘s impression of her?

Fergie posted a photo of herself on Instagram and asked, "What ever am I going 2 b 4 #Halloween this year? #costume." Do you think Fergie looks like Lindsay Lohan? I do!

Speaking of Lohan, the Liz & Dick actress will sit down with Barbara Walters for an upcoming 20/20 interview, set to air on November 16.

Skyfall‘s Naomie Harris shoots to kill in the upcoming Bond film, in theaters November 19.

Chelsea Lately‘s Fortune Feimster wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “It’s a Good Time to Be Gay!” Feimster weighs in on the whole Chick-fil-A debacle, writing, “As much as I love a good chicken nugget, I wouldn’t dare go against my people. Ever heard of the gay mafia? Oh, it’s real!” It is real.

A straight Christian man named Timothy Kurek pretended to be gay for a year and his life changed forever. You can find all the details of Kurek’s year long study is in his book, The Cross in the Closet.

Peaches talked shop with MTV and gave her approval of Katy Perry‘s wardrobe. Peaches said, “Katy Perry’s cream exploding boobs is incredible. AND she’s j*zzing all over Snoop Dogg. That to me is incredible, that’s a feat.”

Rocker Ke$ha is set to release her sophomore album WARRIOR on December 4. Ke$ha’s first single “Die Young” is available for download and the lyrics can be found online.

On Thursday, October 18 the lesbian film Pariah will be screening at director Dee Rees‘ alma mater New York University. Rees and the cast, including stars Adepero Oduye and Aasha Davis, will be participating in Q & A after the film. The event is free and open to the public.

AE’s own Trish Bendix was featured in the San Francisco Weekly. (P.S. Don’t call Bendix a “lipstick lesbian” unless you want to get punched.)

On Saturday, December 1, comedic genius Erin Foley is taking over The Paramount Theater (215 E. Main St.) in Charlottesville, CA.

Tweet of the Day!

Bisexual actress Evan Rachel Wood shared some love with a fan on Twitter.