The Weekly Geek: Women in Binders

Did you watch the presidential debate the other night? Let’s step aside politics and talk about the most exciting aspect of this presidential campaign season – the insane speed with which the internet takes a sound bite and creates a vital, not to mention hysterical, meme. Within minutes of the debate, Mitt Romney’s hilariously out of touch “I have binders full of women!” a Facebook page was set up within minutes and rapidly gathered hundreds of thousands of likes.

Someone else set up a Tumblr. The best part is, not only are tons of folks contributing funny, clever, sarcastic images, they’re also mixing and matching bits from other memes, like the cherished “Hillz” and “McKayla is Not Impressed.” Beloved, colorful middle school binder favorite Lisa Frank is becoming a meme unto itself.


Political speech has clearly taken on a new form, and it is awesome. It’s kind of amazing – a few years ago, memes were almost purely in the domain of the silly – think LolCats. Now, the LolCats (and company) are commenting on slightly more serious matters. It’s heartening to see so many of the comments lean towards social justice and messages about equality.

From a NY Daily News Post:

A “Binders Full of Women” Facebook page, which shares statistics about pay disparity, now has more than 250,000 likes.

“I started the page immediately after I heard Gov. Romney’s comment,” said Michael, the 24-year-old administrator of the page, who didn’t want to give his last name. “The context didn’t sound right and the quote was pretty humorous. It’s important for voters to be informed before Election Day, so I used this page to post a few statistics regarding income inequality in the U.S.”

Have we finally reached the age where geeks rule the earth? I think so.