Feminist Friday: Binder? I don’t even know her!

This Week in Creepy

Ugh. Barney’s New York and Disney got together to make Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck more “upscale” for the Barney’s holiday season. Apparently “upscale” means “terrifyingly thin.” Be sure to bring your preadolescent girls by for a quick dose of holly jolly damage to their psyches!

Oh, Shesus, people are still asking Rick Santorum to give his opinions in public. Were you wondering which set of your rights he would like to eliminate first? Surprise! Turns out that stopping same-sex marriage is way more urgent than Tupperware-sealing your ladybits. Thanks, Rick! See you at the No Such Thing As Global Warming sock hop!

In even creepier news, the school board of East Aurora, Illinois had voted to put a policy of tolerance and understanding for trans students in place… But pressure (and a hissy fit) from the Illinois Family Institute is causing the board to backpedal on their commendable decision, which may be withdrawn. The Illinois Family Institute is, of course on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups. The board will reconvene tonight to reconsider the issue. Let’s hope tolerance prevails. (Thanks to Bisera for the link.)

This Week in Thinky

Goodness gracious, so many debate thoughts to process! Slate’s XX had some musings on Paul Ryan’s bean from last week’s veep rumble.

But of course it was this week’s Presidential debate that quickly regained center stage. One of Mitt Romney’s advisers started things off with a true indicator of how much the Romney-Ryan campaign values the fillies by saying that Romney would ask President Obama to “man up” about Libya. Grow some ovaries, jerk.

You might have heard in one or two places on the Internet that Mitt Romney claimed during the debate that when he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, he had some binders full of women brought to him because gosh darn it, he wanted ladies in high-powered jobs!

The story is (surprise!) not true. A bipartisan women’s group came to Romney with the research already done. And while Romney did appoint 14 women to his cabinet, he only appointed them to positions he considered unimportant.

Melissa Harris-Perry producer Jamil Smith makes the case that binders get women and minorities in front of guys like Mitt who wouldn’t normally see them (while we’re on the topic, why didn’t Mitt know any qualified women after all those years being such a successful business guy?), the women of Slate note that a binder won’t close the gender pay gap.

But at least we got the joy of these incredible amazon reviews and the Binders Full of Women tumblr.

Oh, and Mitt? Make your own damn dinner once in a while.

I think I know where Mitt has been getting his tips on dealing with the ladies. Hat tip to my friend Mike for the video.

In the exact opposite of Mitt Romney, Feministing told us what we can learn from women rappers.

Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani girl, was shot last week for daring to say that girls should have access to education and careers. Yousufzai is now in a hospital in the United Kingdom and police have made several arrests in connection with the attack. The Boston Globe suggested that the brutal attack may change Pakistan’s willingnes to put up with the Taliban.

There are girls all over the world fighting for the chance to go to school. Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie Girl Rising. It’s part of the 10X10 project, devoted to educating girls around the world. In the film, ten girls from ten developing nations each work with a talented woman writer from her own country.

And, yes, we’ll be bringing you updates on this film as we get closer to the March release date.

Photo provided by 10×10 Educate Girls, Change the World, © 2011

This Week in Cray

Oh, dear. Homeschoolers, do try to check in with collective reality occasionally. Otherwise your teen will try to make a (humorous?) point about how The Gays are bad because of evolution, not that she believes in evolution, and end up demonstrating that she knows duck-all about evolution and jokes. Good luck when you get out into the world, kid. May it broaden your horizons a little.

This Week in Bad-Assery

Rosie Perez did not think much of Mitt Romney’s claim that the Presidential race would be easier for him if he were Latino. Be careful not to get sarcasm on your outfit as you watch this clip.

Ms. Perez dropped by The Rachel Maddow Show to elaborate.

CNN’s Cheryl Costello had an interview with bigot extraordinaire Bryan Fischer of the rabidly anti-gay American Family Association. Fischer started spouting hateful nonsense, and rather than puppy out and do that thing where interviewers treat each side as a valid opinion when one is objectively wrong, Costello called Fischer out on the horse dung he was throwing around. My goodness, that’s refreshing.

Way to kick ass and commit journalism, Ms. Costello. (Via Right Wing Watch)

And Dr. Karen Remley, Virginia’s health commissioner, has resigned because the commonwealth’s laws targeting abortion clinics are not in the interest of women’s health.

This Week in Tomfoolery and General Fun

The always terrific io9 pointed the way towards a chart that confirmed the distinct lack of chicks you noticed in Middle Earth.

The Mary Sue reminded us that Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day. I hope you did some light computer programming in her honor.

Image by Kate Beaton via The Mary Sue

BuzzFeed ran this photo of nuns playing basketball as something inherently funny, but I think it’s just kind of great.

Photo via BuzzFeed

Land o’ Goshen, is this ever fantastic. It seems that a guy named Richard wrote on the Facebook wall of Bodyform, a feminine hygiene company, puckishly complaining that commercials for ladytime products always depict periods as a time for laughing and doing motorcycle stunts and whatnot, but (Har har!) his girlfriend isn’t fun during her period at all. Ain’t that right about dames and their periods? And what about the way they get up on tables and scream when they see a mouse?

Bodyform decided to have a little fun themselves. Well played, Bodyform. Well played.

Have a great weekend. I hope you get to work in some devilish playtime too.