Morning Brew – Wed. Nov. 14: Ellen talks about her “SNL” impression, Ke$ha’s new album is about us

Ellen DeGeneres loved Kate McKinnon playing her on SNL last week. She even talked about it on her show yesterday.


Cantonese pop star Denise Ho came out during a Pride Parade.


If you don’t speak Cantonese or lesbian haircut, here’s what she was saying:

As a celebrity, I think I have an obligation, a duty to stand forward for the sake of love and equality. For many years, when I faced questions from the media, I always felt that sexual orientation is a personal matter, that there is no need to label yourself or tell the public. But in 2012 when one would expect more acceptance and progress (in terms of gay equality), I find that there is still discrimination and prejudice. I feel that silence is no longer an option.

The Huffington Post has some photos of drag kings you should know.

Elizabeth Falkner is killing it on Next Iron Chef America.

Ke$ha has a crush on Florence Welch after she met her at Coachella. She also said her new album Warrior, is about us:

Something I kept hearing about was bullying and sexuality. I have a lot of gay and lesbian fans and they said how my music had helped them deal with bullying, so I wanted to write a record that’s about love and acceptance.

Thanks girl. I like your single OK.

Jeanette Winterson penned a piece for The Telegraph about her favorite books as a child: The Moomins by Tove Jansson.

Erin Foley was on Comedy Central’s Mash Up last night, talking about “consumer confidence,” which she manages to make hilarious.


Heather Hogan sent me this photo that Kat Prescott tweeted from the set of Skins with Lily Loveless. Get psyched!

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