Afternoon Delight: Carrie Underwood talks marriage equality, “Drop Dead Diva” is cancelled

Good afternoon and happy hump day!

Happy birthday to Kate Moss, Debbie Allen and Sade!

After Sunday night’s Golden Globe win, Girls Lena Durham told the
, “I am not engaged. I don’t want to get married until all gay
people can get married.” I love gay allies!

Speaking of the Globes, Jane Lynch and wife Lara Embry were in
attendance during the Golden Globes’ annual cocktail hour. I’m really
digging the color of Lynch’s dress.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Congratulations to Elton John and husband David Furnish on their
growing family! On Friday, January 11 the couple welcomed their second child — a boy named Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.

Rachel McAdams (who will always be Regina George to me) stars
alongside Olga Kurylenko, Ben Affleck and Javier Bardem in the
romantic drama To The Wonder. Check out the film’s trailer below.

Carrie Underwood is Allure magazine’s February covergirl.

In her interview the country sweetheart once again spoke out in
support of gay marriage. Underwood said, “I’m in favor of acceptance. And I am a Christian
person, and I do love the Lord, and I feel no matter who you are, what
you believe, how you live your life, it’s not my place to judge. I
don’t have that power. I don’t want that power. It’s my place to love
and to show God’s love to other people, even if they don’t live a life
like I live. So that’s where I’m coming from.”

Lifetime has cancelled Drop Dead Diva. The show’s fourth season ended in September 2012 and them’s the breaks.

Ellen DeGeneres actually made me LOL with her below tweet.

The Onion reports “Jodie Foster Inspires Teens To Come Out
Using Vague, Rambling Riddles.”

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney join forces for Gravity, due out in
theaters October 4
. In the film Bullock and Clooney will play “two
astronauts drifting alone in space after their space station is
damaged.” This film sounds bleak.

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EW has an exclusive photo of Amanda Seyfried as porn actress Linda
in the upcoming film Lovelace. (Clever title.)

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