Morning Brew – Fri. Jan. 25: Sia writing for Katy Perry, Sarah Paulson on researching lesbians in the ’50s

Good morning! TGIF.

A New York Post writer argues that gay is the new black, so black people should be fighting homophobia for that reason alone. Equal rights! Equal rights!

All you really need to know about next week’s Glee is Santana and Quin are back.

Sarah Paulson talked with The AV Club about the end of American Horror Story: Asylum and she said she did some research into how homosexuality was seen in the 1950s:

I did research it, a little bit. I researched more about the aversion-conversion therapy [in which someone tries to get a homosexual to associate unpleasant things with images they desire], but not extensively, because it was relatively new at the time, and I didn’t want to be well-versed in it. Because then I think that Lana would have said, “I’m not doing this, because I know what it is.” I didn’t want to be very well-read about it. But I certainly read about what it meant to be gay in that time. I did think about that, although my character was less terrified than my lover’s character on the show. Wendy was much more concerned, because she worked with young children. It was enough of a terror for her that she signed me away. I certainly read a lot about it, but it was always in my mind that Lana didn’t go around talking about it, but she wasn’t quite as secretive as Wendy was.

Wendy, of course, was her lover, played by Clea DuVall. No word on how much research she did for the role.

Congrats to our own Grace Chu for being nominated as Photographer of the Year in the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards. Get it girl!

Lesbian writer Julia Penelope has passed away at the age of 71. She wrote several seminal texts about lesbian life, including Finding the Lesbians, Sexual Practice/Textual Theory: Lesbian Cultural Criticism and Lesbian Culture: An Anthology. Rest in peace, Julia.

Rolling Stone made a list of the 50 funniest people right now and Ellen DeGeneres is not on it. Beisdes that travesty, Carrie Brownstein is at number 25 — alongside Fred Armisen. So she half made it.

At least Ellen has her own comic book. And it’s her birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Ellen!

Tegan and Sara tweeted they are psyched to be playing Coachella again this year. Other acts of interest include the xx and La Roux. Are they worth going to a desert for?

A Texas YMCA has decided family memberships are only given to those with marriage licenses. Lesbians need not apply. Someone please send The Village People down South.

Apparently Sia is working on Katy Perry‘s new album. I wish Sia would save some of these gems for herself. Her voice is out of this world!

Annie Leibovitz is photographing the new Stella Artois campaign. I wonder if she got any free drinks on set. She also shot Taylor Swift as Rapunzel.

WhetherWhitney Houston had a lesbian relationship with her friend Robyn Crawford is still publicly unconfirmed, in case you’re dying to know. You can try asking Robyn.

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