Afternoon Delight: Jane Lynch on playing male roles, Molly Shannon does Mary Katherine Gallagher

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Happy birthday to Jane Seymour, Amber Riley, Renee O’Connor, Miranda July and Janice Dickinson!

Glee’s Amber Riley in Los Angeles.

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In an interview with EW, Jane Lynch revealed that she gets cast in a lot of roles that were originally scripted for men. Lynch said, “I have numerous roles that I’ve played that were originally written for men. The first role I ever had was playing a king in The Princess and the Pea story. My character in 40-Year-Old Virgin originally was a man. I’ve played tons of doctors and teachers and lawyers on guest spots on sitcoms that were originally conceived for men, that my agent was smart enough to say, ‘Do you see a woman in this role?’ That’s happened to me a lot.”

Lynch’s Wreck-it Ralph cartoon character Calhoun was also supposed to be a male character but, of course, Lynch convinced them that she was the best person for the job.

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Wreck-It Ralph is available on iTunes and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on March 5.

There is a new trailer for the sci-fi film The Host starring Saoirse Ronan. That’s great and all, but when is Hanna 2 coming out?


Lady Gaga might be down but she’s not out. Gaga canceled her tour due to a hip injury but then visited a sick fan that is suffering from a terminal heart condition. The five-year-old fan traveled from Wisconsin to Chicago to see Gaga’s show, which was canceled, and when Gaga found out about the little monster in need, she rushed to her side. And that’s why they call her the Mother Monster.

Lily Tomlin and Tina Fey team up for the comedy Admission. Tomlin plays Fey’s uber-feminist mother and Fey was quite exciting about working with the legendary Tomlin. Fey said, “I was so star-struck to be meeting her let alone trying to act opposite her. She was so warm, so into doing everything fully and doing it right. Every scene has a complicated, physical thing that’s she’s doing. She’s incredible. She was making sausage, for real. She is so electric as a personality on screen. If there’s any slight change or variation in the take, you can feel her taking it in and being excited by it. She has an improviser’s spirit where she’s constantly really genuinely listening to her scene partner, reacting to what they are doing.”

Last night Molly Shannon reprised her Superstar armpit bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I love this woman!

Director Jason Reitman is staging a live reading of the script for Glengarry Glen Ross with an all female cast including Robin Wright, Catherine O’Hara, Maria Bello, Allison Janney and Mae Whitman.

Out entertainment writer Jeff Rivera wrote a terrific book for children with gay family members called My Two Uncles. The book is available on Amazon.

If blood doesn’t make you squeamish then check out the new red band (NSFW) trailer for Trance starring Rosario Dawson.

Whitney Cummings‘ E! talk show Love You, Mean It has been canceled, which means one less female host on TV.

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Jillian Michaels looks fit and fierce on the cover of Health magazine.

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