Five things we learned from our first look at character bios for “The Fosters”

ABC Family gave us our first look at the character bios for its new two-mom family drama, The Fosters, and it’s got us even more impatient for June 3.

Here are five things we learned from the character biographies.

1. Everyone is good looking.

It’s no surprise that the actors on the show are good-looking. Hollywood is not known for it’s use of the snaggle-toothed and the average looking. But as I scanned through the bios I was pleased to see that all the characters are noted for their good looks. This is not a show that holds its female characters out for their looks while speaking only about their male characters personalities. Nope, everyone here is good-looking, attractive, beautiful, or handsome and I find it to be a refreshing detail.

2. There’s an ex-husband situation.

Stef Foster (Teri Polo) is a police officer who is the biological mother of Brandon Foster who she had while married to Mike (Danny Nucci). Mike is also a cop who asks to become Stef’s partner when her partner leaves the department. Lena, Stef’s life partner, is less than pleased to see her lady teaming up with her ex.

3. There’s an agreement and someone’s gonna break it.

In addition to Brandon, Stef also has a set of twins, Jesus (Jake T. Austin) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), who she has adopted. Stef and Lena have a deal that they won’t add any more kids to their household until Brandon leaves. But then Lena can’t say no to troubled foster kid Callie (Maia Mitchell) and something is going to have to give.

4. Callie is the powder keg that makes the show go.

Callie is a kid who has bounced around in the foster care system and is wary of her new surroundings with the Fosters. Her tough shell hides a sensitive soul. She warms up to Lena but isn’t comfortable with Stef because she’s a cop. Her arrival breaks Lena and Stef’s agreement and she causes more friction when she and Brandon run off together.

5. There is plenty of room for drama.

ABC Family is not exactly known for its dull shows. Pretty Little Liars is a fan favorite for its mix of true human emotion and it’s insane dramatic twists. The Fosters seems set up for plenty of drama. Any time an ex plays an important role, here we have Mike as Stef’s work partner and father of one of her kids, there is bound to be conflict. We’ve also got a clear conflict between Stef and Lena over bringing Callie into their home. Callie, as a character, seems like drama on two legs as she is thrust into an established home in which the two parents are at odds over whether she should be there in the first place. I haven’t even mentioned the three kids already in the house. From the snippets we can see in the character bios, there is plenty of room for conflict but also a sense that love anchors this family together.

Based on the bios, what do you think of the characters? Is it June yet?