Open Thread: Did You Find a New Lesbian/Bi Character to Love Because of AfterEllen March Madness?

My favorite part of this year’s AfterEllen March Madness competition was hearing from our readers who used the tournament as a springboard for falling in love with lesbian/bi characters they’d never met before. I heard from women who knew about Skins, but had never taken the time to track down the episodes until they saw Naomi and Emily in the Elite Eight. I heard from women who had seen all the hullabaloo about Pretty Little Liars but hadn’t joined in on the fun until Emily Fields advanced to the Final Four. One reader even told me she read the Millenium trilogy in two sleepless days after seeing that Lisbeth Salander had made the March Madness cut.

Yesterday, I asked on Twitter: Who found a new lesbian/bi character to love because of AE’s March Madness?

And you guys answered:

So, now I’m asking here on AfterEllen: Did anyone enjoy a lesbian/bi character for the first time because of March Madness? Or, is there a character you want to love but don’t know how to track down the show/movie she is on? Hit up the comments and let’s share the things we learned to love this month.