“Lost Girl” previews its jam-packed season finale

So many questions. Just one episode. Heavens, it’s going to be an exciting season finale to Lost Girl. Syfy and Showcase have released their previews for the season three finale and oh my, it looks like it’s going to be a doozy.

First, here is Syfy’s preview.


My first impressions: 1) Yay, Tamsin lives! 2) Wait, which kind exactly is Lauren trying to save? 3) Holy crap, is that Tamsin fighting Bo? 4) Mommy dearest looks different without makeup.

Now, the Showcase preview.


My first impressions: 1) Damn, I want to juice Tamsin too. 2) What is Lauren injecting into Dyson? 3) So, now she’s picking between saving Bo or Dyson? 4) Yes, finally we get to meet the elusive Wanderer.

So much is happening in both short clips that it’s hard to tell exactly what is happening. Both networks have been good at baiting and switching items in the preview to make us think they’re going to zig when they really zag. So who the heck knows.

Some production stills from the finale have also been released. They don’t show us much more, other than Taft is evil, Dyson is angry, Bo and her Aife look shocked and Lauren – well no one knows exactly what Lauren is thinking.

The Canadian airing on Showcase and U.S. airing on Syfy will be a week apart – Showcase at 9 p.m. Sunday, Syfy at 10 p.m. April 22. The delay is so Syfy can promote the launch of its new series Defiance April 15. But fear not, gentle readers, I’ll be posting the season finale recap next Tuesday, as normal. So all those who want to remain spoiler free until the U.S. airing just be sure to bookmark it and check back in a week.

Right, so, what are your guesses as to how this tangled web of human, Fae, family and friends will all shake out in the finale?