Ellen and Portia show off their ranch in “Elle Decor”

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are on the cover of Elle Decor this month and inside the couple show off their enviable Santa Monica Mountains ranch.

This is a different home that appeared in Architectural Digest last year, as the couple ended up selling that home soon after. Ellen has a passion for moving in and out of homes, as she tells Elle Decor:

I can only change the furniture so much and I get bored. Then I need a new structure to work on.

Their ranch has eight cabins that is a blissful mix of rustic and modern with a lots of art, wood and antiques in each room. It’s actually a rehabbed horse facility, Portia said, and she has her own two horses in the barn. The animal lovers also enjoy “roaming deer, coyotes, mountain lions, and a number of feral cats that the two more or less adopted.”

Ellen says the theme of their home is “a feeling of country and yet a relaxed sophistication,” and that definitely comes across from looking at the photos. Portia said, “Ellen likes things to be a little more natural and rustic,” which is evident, but it must be Portia’s more contemporary touch that brought in the Swedish furniture and Spanish antiques.

One of the larger barns in the center of the property is called “The Romantic Barn,” which “is called that because the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary there with a candlelit dinner.” The space has a game room for entertaining and Ellen had some lamps hung on the wall that Portia was eyeing at at a gallery nearby.

Although Ellen likes to move, it seems like this ranch might actually stick around for a while. The magazine notes that Portia’s mom and brother live nearby, and she just loves it.

“If I find something else and can see having a new project, I’m open to that,” Ellen said. “But I’d have to fight Portia, because this is her dream property. This we may just hold on to.”

How could you get rid of something called The Romantic Barn? Check out the entire eight-page spread in this month’s Elle Decor.