“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.1): Lady detectives, plus lesbians

But in more fun lesbian subtext times, Janet’s lesbianism is implied twice in this episode: First, when she returns home after a long day, her mother Dorothy is there taking care of things with a casserole in the oven. When Janet tells her in gratitude that she’s perfect, Dorothy chides, “You need a wife.” Janet replies, “I need something.” A wife! A wife is what you need, Janet! Listen to your mum!

Then in a much more unfortunate way, the creepy husband of the beheaded woman asks Janet during one of his multiple interviews if she’s a lesbian, because lady cops usually are. Oh, creepy husband. She replies only with her steely blue eyed gaze.

We also learn that Rachel is now married to Sean, a bloke she had been dating for a short period of time last season, but not surprisingly, the role of the dutiful married wife isn’t really settling with her that well. She asks Janet at one point if she can stay the night at her place. She says that being with him every night is boring (you don’t say?) and that she’s been spending a few nights on the couch (oh really). Janet assures her that it takes time to get used to being married; Rachel says, “It’s not that.” And when Janet then assures her that Sean really does love her, Rachel says she knows, but that nothing runs that deep with Sean. So what you’re saying is you’re really not feeling being married to a guy and you want to sleep over at Janet’s instead. It’s okay, Rachel! We feel ya, girl! After a beat, Janet then asks, “Do you really want to sleep at ours?” Rachel, who has also just received a distracting phone call from her alcoholic mother, sighs and says no before walking away. And you can bet that Janet stares at her as she goes. And if Sally Wainwright didn’t write this scene with a ship in her heart, I’ll be damned.

The episode ends with them finding much more incriminating evidence against the bedridden husband, who might not actually be so bedridden after all, than against Helen, and arrest him instead. But being that Helen shows up for at least four more episodes this season, clearly her story isn’t over.

Scott and Bailey runs in the UK on Wednesdays at 9:00 on ITV. This week’s episode will not include Helen, as it instead goes back and explains more about what happened at the end of last season, when one of Rachel’s ex-boyfriends was killed — by her brother. No big deal! But I’ll be back after that.

I also have to give a shout out to AE reader Paula, who not only told me all about this show but has helped me out with an impressive list of British police terms.

Do you watch Scott and Bailey? What do you make of Helen?