“Pretty Little Liars” Cast/Crew Tease Season 4 Paily Deliciousness

Even when Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus, we don’t have to wait around for news about the new season. The PLL cast/crew dominates all social media everywhere, so right now, for example, we know that filming is underway for episodes 403 and 404 — “Cats Cradle” and “Face Time” — and that there’s plenty of Paige and Emily deliciousness in those episodes. (We also know that the dynamic duo of Norman Buckley and Joesph Dougherty are directing and writing them, respectively.)

Here are some of the photos Dougherty and Buckley tweeted out over the weekend:


Lindsey Shaw and Lucy Hale weighed in on the episode on Twitter:

And Marlene King, who wrote and directed episode 401, “‘A’ Is for A-L-I-V-E,” also hinted at some season four Paily goodness.


Obviously Paige will get axe-murdered now on account of Emily’s love is the kiss of death, but they sure are pretty together while they’re both still alive.

Are you psyched to return to Rosewood for season four?