The 11 Power Lesbians of “Out”

Every year Out puts together a list of the 50 most powerful gays and lesbians. This year, 11 women were included:

46. Megan Smith, Google Executive/Inventor, 40. Jane Lynch, Actress, 38. Jenna Lyons, President and Executive Creative Director, J. Crew, 37. Mary Kay Henry, International President, SEIU, 36. Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston 28. Suze Orman TV Host/Author/Financial Advisor/Entrepreneur, 20. Christine Quinn, New York City Council Speaker, 18. Martha Nelson, Editor in Chief, Time Inc., 9. Tammy Baldwin, Senator, 4. Rachel Maddow, TV Host/Political Commentator, 2. Ellen DeGeneres, Talk Show Host/Producer/Spokesperson

In case Out needs some more ideas, we thought we’d come up with some for them. You know, for next year.

Diana Nyad, swimmer

Megan Rapinoe, soccer player