Notes on a Fandom: Spoofs, satire and freaking funny fans

Notes on a Fandom is a column dedicated to lesbian/bi fandom in its various incarnations. It also feature thoughts and comments from you, the fans. Follow @DanaPiccoli on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up with the latest topics and questions.

We kid, because we love. Fans have been poking fun and creating humorous tributes to the art they love since the dawn of time. I remember watching my first spoof, Mel BrooksSpace Balls. Its satire of Star Wars was about as subtle as a jackhammer, and I loved it. I grew up looking at the lighter side of life, and wanting to be as funny as his characters.  Hell, I got my start lovingly poking fun at Pretty Little Liars in song.  Luckily for me, lots of fans also like to laugh at their beloved  shows. Each week, we tweet #Booradleyvancullen #Gaysharks #Shaycagofire, because there is something special about finding the funny in the things we love. It brings fans together and allows us to play a role in the creative process. Fandom can get a little too serious at times, bogged down with shipping expectations and disappointments.  It’s good to remember there are lots of people out there, loving their shows and ships, who want to make you laugh.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a meme or a tweet.  Other times, it’s projects that involve months of prep and lots of talent and dedication. Either way, take a moment and check out these funny fandom projects. Follow them. Send them a tweet to let them know they made your day. Make your own and share it with the world.


Team Starkid,formed by a talented group of University of Michigan students, used the Internet to create a whole new way for the masses to experience theatre.  Their A Very Potter Musical is one of the most popular funny fandom tributes ever created. Oh and that cutie pie playing Harry, that’s none other than Darren Criss from Glee

Ever wonder what would have become of Edward Cullen if he had crossed paths with Buffy Summers?  Spoiler alert: There wouldn’t have been a sequel. 

Who loves Skins? Rophy Does! The dynamic duo of Rin and Sophy write epic recaps and musings on Skins, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and more for their site, Make sure to check out their Youtube content, and their really hilarious gifs.

Rophy really does not care for Sophia. 

The wonderfully fun Tumblr account,, combines the brilliance of Mean Girls with our favorite Pretty Little Liars.