The Huddle: Cast Reunions

All kinds of cast reunions have been happening lately, with Courteney Cox visiting Matthew Perry on Go On, Entertainment Weekly bringing the stars of Clueless and Melrose Place, among others, back together for photoshoots and Boy Meets World is even getting its own spin-off 13 years after going off-air. This led me to pose this week’s Huddle question: What former cast members would you die to see reunite?

Emily Hartl: Roseanne, especially after the last episode’s big reveals. The whole Mark and Darlene/Becky and David switch up? Dan’s Death? JACKIE IS ACTUALLY A LESBIAN?! I want all of the answers. I also want the Roseanne Halloween Exclusive DVD box set.

Sarah Terez Rosenblum: Family Ties, but can Nick be a dyke?

Marcie Bianco: DUH, Buffy!

Dana Piccoli: I’d pay about a million dollars to see the Buffy cast do a staged reading of Once More with Feeling. But, since everyone loves Buffy, I’m going to go with Popular. It was Ryan Murphy‘s first show and full of so many delightful characters. Also it was soooo freaking weird and subversive. Lesley Bibb, Carly Pope, Sara Rue, Tammy Lynn Michaels (who was absolutely genius on that show BTW) — it was about eight years before it’s time, and was cancelled after it’s second season. I’d love to see a sit down with all of them.

Dorothy Snarker: I concur with Buffy. Though in my heart of hearts I’d also say My So-Called Life. But we all know Angela goes on to fight terrorists. Jordan becomes a weirdo rock star hipster. Brian turns into a lesbian man. And Rayanne develops a terminal brain tumor. So, never mind then?

Lucy Hallowell: Cosby Show. I would watch Clair Huxtable read the phone book if she did it with all the sass of this scene.

Grace Chu: Another vote for Cosby. The musical numbers are the best!

Bridget McManus: Is it too soon for a 30 Rock reunion? If so, can just Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski join forces and bring “The Girlie Show” back?

Elaine Atwell: Let me get back to you on that. Hopefully the answer isn’t Bomb Girls.

Karman Kregloe: Battlestar Galactica. This version should be at least 90% gayer, though. I’m looking at you, Starbuck!

Ali Davis: My Arrested Development dreams and wishes all came true. Do I have to die? If I do, I’ll accept Death by Drinking with Lucille and Lindsay.

Trish Bendix: I’d love to put the cast of Empire Records back together in one room. My dream scenario would be that they make a video for “Say No More, Mon Amour” for Rex Manning Day. That soundtrack was the best and I totally crushed on Deb (Robin Tunney).

What cast would you love to see reunite?