“Glee” gets another lesbian couple

Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke are joining the cast of Glee as a long-time lesbian couple who have been together for 25 years. E! News reported this morning that the out actress and the legendary Ms. Duke will be filming their first scenes this week, which will be part of the season finale “and both Duke and Baxter will stay on as part of the Glee family, returning next season as recurring characters.”

Caution: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading if you only wanted to know Meredith Baxter was coming to your TV again.

Here’s how the couple factor into the show:

Blaine goes to a jewelry store to buy a ring and meets Duke’s character, the jewelry salesperson. She speaks to Blaine and his love for Kurt, and then she and her longtime girlfriend (Baxter) offer to be their mentors—a couple who can tell them about what it used to be like for LGBT people, and how great it is for this new generation. The insipration for this storyline was the recent Supreme Court case regarding same-sex marriages, and one Glee source describes the storyline is “topical and sweet.”

E! also said that both actresses were the only ones creators wanted for the role, and they both said “Yes” right away. Patty played a lesbian in By Design, a 1982 Canadian film that won her a Genie Award for best foreign actress. Meredith most recently appeared on episodes of Switched at Birth and Family Guy.

How do you feel about the addition of an older lesbian couple to Glee? And why is Anne Hathaway never coming on as Kurt’s gay aunt as she requested?