Lez Stand Out: Bridgetown Comedy Fest

Danielle Radford

Seattle-based comedian, Danielle Radford, has been at it long enough to see the tides of woman comics growing exponentially over the last few years. With a history of performing, a lifetime long affection for stand-up and a bout of avid of karaoking, Danielle wrestled together the guts to hit the stage herself.

On Getting Started:

About five or six years ago, my then roommate started going to open mic nights. He thought I was hilarious and he encouraged me to give it a shot. I went on stage scared out of my mind, clutching three pages of material about my vagina. Those polite chuckles felt like killing at Madison Square Garden, and getting away with it. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

On Women in Comedy:

A few years ago, I could count the number of women comics in Seattle on my fingers. Now there are so many that you could have a women-only open mic night and the quality would be on the same mostly terrible level as any other open mic. It’s an exciting time.

On Unique Perspectives:

Being bi does offer me a different perspective. My significant other is a man, so a lot of people assume I’m straight, which can be varying degrees of awkward, hilarious and really upsetting. People seem to think that bi chicks are just constantly going around having indiscriminate sex, so they think that I wanna bang everyone all of the time. When I’m single that’s absolutely true, but it isn’t because I’m bi. It’s because having sex is better than not having sex.

On Bridgetown:

I love Bridgetown. It’s always a great time with some of the best talent in the country, and you learn that comics really love holding impromptu dance competitions set to early ’90s hip-hop. I’ve done a few festivals and I love it. It’s like a working vacation. I get to overdose on funny, make friends and reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a while. There’s a reason everyone refers to them as comedy summer camps.

On Portland:

Portland is such an awesome city. I’m currently living in Seattle, and Portland is a lot like Seattle, just without the cynicism or fluoridated tap water. When a stranger smiles at you on the street in Portland, they mean it. In Seattle we’re just doing it so you stop staring at us. And to show off our strong, beautiful teeth.

What’s next?

Danielle will be performing at the Cape Fear Comedy Fest in Willmngton, North Carolina on May 1-4. Other than that, she’s writing down funny things and hoping someone will pay her money for them. Find her on Twitter @DanielleRadford and at Danielle-Radford.com.