ABC Family gives us some kissing moms in a new promo for “The Fosters”

If you’ve been hanging around AfterEllen you know how excited I am about The Fosters. About a month ago we got our first look at a promo for the show and I was a little disappointed that it didn’t focus much on the two moms. Today, ABC Family released its new poster for the show.

It’s a classic shot of a family sitting on a couch at the beach. Who hasn’t done that with their nearest and dearest? I love the tagline “How do you define family?” It’s has a hint of challenge in it that tells me this is a show that is going to challenge ideas of what a family looks like and attempt to show us what we already know, that no matter what a family looks like they’re all bound together by love.

There’s more! As if answering my concerns that Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) would be background players to a show driven by teen drama, ABC Family released this new promo.

Not only do we get a little more insight into how Callie (Maia Mitchell) comes to be with the Fosters, we also get two lady kisses,Teri Polo in the cutest jersey I’ve ever seen, and adorable mom snuggling. You may assume that my excitement level is at 11. Is it June 3 yet?