“Lost Girl” Recap (3.13): On the road to everlasting wander

Bo (who, fun fact, always goes commando) asks Tamsin to help her rescue Dyson (always the damsel, that one). She’s doubtful, because these days going full Valkyrie makes her pass out. Age can suck it. She laments Bo not seeing her in her prime when a blink of an eye could waste an entire army. Bo passive-aggressively jokes about it all ending when she fell in with a bad guy. You two, stop flirting. Except the opposite. Because a good hate flirt, while perhaps not what the missing doctor ordered, sure makes for fun TV.

Of course there’s hate flirting and then there’s the Morrigan. She cranks kinky bad girl behavior up to 11. She still has Kenzi very much in her clutches, well, more accurately the beefy arms of her henchman. She taunts Kenz with which treasured Light fae favorite she’ll kill. Not Dyson, not Lauren. But the Blood King himself, who she claims is already dead. We don’t believe her for a second, but mostly because we’re distracted by her henchman’s crazy biceps. Those guns are thicker than Kenzi’s waist.

In the specimen cells, Dyson is shirtless because of course. He’s questioning Aife, who is even crazier than normal – like speaking in nursery rhymes crazy, about Taft and his motivations. He was the one who rescued her after her big mother-daughter showdown. And since then he’s been demanding to know who the strongest, most powerful Fae is. So she gives up the wolf to save her, like he did too. Life’s cruel symmetry can be beautiful sometimes.

In another holding cell, Lauren is tending to the wounded Fae woman. She asks her if she’s really a Cabbit, a fantasy cross between a rabbit and a cat. Put a pin in that and we’ll discuss it at length later. Taft shows up and Lauren says she’ll do what he wants as along as she gets surgical tools, antiseptic and 10 minutes to save the Cabbit. This seems like a bad bargain, but don’t forget that pin. It’s so very important, that pin.

Bo and Tams go to see the Druid, because the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was busy apparently. Tamsin needs some juice to help her power up for the fight. But also there’s that whole Ruin Glass bottle to weaken Bo. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Mossimo has a potent dose of Fae-mphetamine for her, but Bo snatches it for safe keeping. He also has her bottle of Bo Kryptonite, which she palms. As they leave, Bo says she’s still lucky because she has Tamsin by her side. With friends like these and so on and so forth.