“Lost Girl” Recap (3.13): On the road to everlasting wander

Taft gloats a bit over Dyson as he is prepped for surgery, saying how excited he is to be like him. It’s almost sad. Like, dude, just try to be yourself not someone else. Taft tells Lauren he likes the wolf and it’d be nice if he survived. Lauren shoots back, “I wouldn’t bet on it,” with a sly grin. I know it’s wrong to say, but possibly Evil Lauren is kind of growing on me.

Back in their cell, Bo and Tamsin are getting antsy. Tamsin says it feels bad, like begged for death bad, in there. If that wasn’t bad enough, mom pops up. Just like your mom, showing up at the most inopportune times to make your life more complicated and/or awkward. Tamsin is all, meeting your mother already? Slow your roll, Succubus. We haven’t even been on a date yet. Buy me some Jujubes and a ticket to an easily forgotten rom-com first.

Then Aife rants about Taft pitting Fae against Fae and how if Bo’s father was there he’d kill them all and then resurrect them and kill them all again. Now Tamsin’s like, oh gurl, I’m out. You can actually see her swallow hard. Like, meeting mom is one thing but I know who dad is and I need to be anywhere but here.

The Meet the Parents segment is interrupted because, dude, it’s finally time to fight. So Tamsin squares up her eyes to Bo and says, “Juice me.” Am I still wearing clothes? Because I don’t mean to be.

Bo grabs the back of Tam’s head and says sharing is caring. She jabs Tamsin and does the Succubus version of a blowback, where she sucks in some on Tamsin’s super juiced chi. They finally break all blue-eyed and slack-jawed and lusty roars and forget breaking out of the cell. First they’ll need a knife to cut all this sexual tension.