“Lost Girl” Recap (3.13): On the road to everlasting wander

Tamsin leads Bo into the operating room, under the guide of finding Lauren, but really because “it’s time to go.” Gird your loins, lesbians. Fierce girl fight in 3, 2, 1… Bo says she knew Tamsin would betray her, and then they circle each other like caged lions. Bo says she won’t go easy, so Tamsin pulls out her Rune Glass and hurls it at her. But it fizzles into orange sparks. Either that Druid is a dud or Bo doesn’t love and trust the way she claims. We could process that for hours, but who has time when the Fae-lebrity Deathmatch has begun.

Bo calls Tamsin old. Tamsin calls Bo a Baby Fae. They launch at each other and cut to Trick in the trunk. Come on, Lost Girl. Ain’t nobody got time for the Blood King’s bumblings. Long story short, it was Hale who kidnapped him. Also abdicated his role as acting Ash. And then sends Trick off into the sunset to hide with Stella. Right, back to Thunderdome. The women throw each other over lab tables and then shit gets serious because Tamsin pulls a sexy librarian and lets down her mane.

Tamsin tries to Valkyrie Bo, but she’s having none of her Skeletor face. Bo succu-feasts on Tamsin, but she says playtime is over. So much kicking, so much punching, so much throwing each other against walls. It’s hot in here, right? I need to take off a layer and turn on a fan.

Finally Bo has Tamsin where she wants her, that being on top. She’s probably more of a top at first, then a switch once they’ve gotten to know each other, don’t you think? But as her blue eyes blaze in for the kill, Bo realizes the fight is over. You can’t kill a dead woman, and that’s what Tamsin thinks she is already. She screams for Bo to finish her, but when she doesn’t comes back with a trusty buzz saw blade to the throat. Bo calls her “more alive than anyone I’ve known,” which is quite a compliment for a harbinger of death. And a conflicted Tamsin squeaks out a tortured, “I don’t know what to do.”

But she does, she does know what to do. She drops the blade. You see Tamsin wears her indifference and snark like a shield. A shield against centuries of taking warriors, granting death, battling hordes. Now, in essentially signing her own death warrant, she’s free. Free to feel, feel it all. Bo says it’s time to regroup and get the gang back together. Tamsin says she’ll get Dyson. Bo is going after Kenzi. Tam asks about Lauren but Bo offers up only a feeble, “I don’t know where they took her.” Um, could this be why the Druid’s magic bottle didn’t work? Where does the good go, Bo?

Tamsin – her face soft, her eyes wet – looks deep into Bo and says, “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met – in any of my many lifetimes.” Bo thinks what we all think is going to happen and takes steps toward her, squaring herself up for it. Our body is ready, Valkubus. But then Tamsin breaks her gaze and brushes past her. Denied. But there’s no more denying the chemistry between Bo and Tamsin. Like it or not, it exists.