“Lost Girl” Recap (3.13): On the road to everlasting wander

Back in a storyline we care less about, a character we care more about reemerges. That’s right, Vex is back. Damn, I missed that cheeky bastard. Vex is Hale’s “man on the inside,” which means he has bound and gagged the Morrigan like a sexy Christmas present. As much as I like that he’s now a double agent for the Light, I’m not wild about the sinister, even rapey connotations of him lording over a terrified, helpless Morrigan. I mean, I know she’s evil and all. But I’m a Justice League instead of Punisher kind of gal.

OK, well, sometimes I can get on board with the Punisher. Like as Dyson chases Taft through a field. The bewildered doc can’t figure out why the wolf wants him dead because they’re all in the same pack now. Brothers don’t eat brothers. But, oh, that Dr. Lewis. Remember that pin? Time to take it out. She is truly a genius, and even Dyson knows it. She made Taft half human, half Fae. Just not the half of Fae he wanted. Instead of being wolf, he’s now Cabbit. A delicious, delicious Cabbit. And this, kids, is your reminder to never, ever bet against Hotpants.

Kenzi and Goliath are trying to make a stealthy getaway as well. Bruce states the obvious, that he’s a mountain masquerading as a man. But he’s also a gentle giant because he vows to stay by Kenzi’s side and protect her. Aw, can he be her bodyguard for permanent? Because I’d love to see more wacky adventures of Kenzi and Bruce. Also, do they remind anyone else of Ginger Spice and her personal trainer?

Kenzi says she might not need his muscle that much longer, because she’s determined to go Taft and turn Fae. Bruce knows this is a terrible idea, we know this is a terrible idea, it gets even more terrible when we know it’s Mossimo the Druid she plans to see. But Kenzi is determined to nut up and do the rescuing for once. Oh Kenzi – embrace your pocket-sized human frailty. Not everyone can be a super Succubus. Some of us have to tell jokes from a safe distance.

Bruce agrees to at least shepherd Kenzi to see Mossimo. And then presents her with the keys to the Morrigan’s shiny new toy. Kenzi replies, “I love you.” And Bruce says, “I love you, too, Kenzi.” But, alas, Kenz was talking to the car. Poor Bruce berates himself with an “Idiot!” Someone snuggle Bruce, STAT.

As they speed off another vehicle pulls up elsewhere. Tamsin finds Dyson, picking his teeth from a Taft-shaped meal. They drive off, but Tamsin’s starting to sound desperate. She should have expired years ago and now there’s nowhere to run. And then things go from bad to Hellmouth because “The Wanderer” suddenly pops onto the radio. And then lookie, lookie who should appear in the middle of the road. It’s the Wanderer himself, Bo’s father.

Tamsin hits the gas because, hell, we’ve all gotta die sometime. Dyson is less on board – a lot less. But this truck keeps on trucking, but the Wanderer turns into an ominous puff of back smoke just as they arrive at impact. It fills the cabin and causes them to veer off the road, off a cliff, down an embankment. Oh, man. That’s going to leave a mark.

And here, oh man, has Lost Girl ever done something clever. It’s not the cliffhanger, necessarily. Because with this crash they’ve done more than make us just wonder whether Tamsin and/or Dyson will survive. They’ve made us actively root for it. Not just because we may like the characters. But because of the delicious irony that Dyson is Doccubus fans’ greatest hope for a full reconciliation. He is the only one alive who can vouch for Lauren just pretending to be Evil Lauren. He alone knows the tricky thing she did in turning Taft into scrumptious wolf bait. But right now, boy, it does not look so good.